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From the Burpple community

The saleslady said that she has it for breakfast every morning and I can now see why so! I am going to be quite sad when I reach the end of the packet.
This granola is handmade at the Sweet Studio from quinoa, cocoa nibs, rolled oats, sunflower & pumpkin seeds, almond, walnut, sesame seeds, spice, cranberries, raisins, currants, honey, salt, butter, coconut flakes and freeze dried strawberries.

If you want to try something with a bit – okay, a LOT more pow at Burch & Purchese, there’s the Explosive Raspberry Milk Chocolate: layers of raspberry cream, raspberry marshmallow, fresh raspberry compote, chocolate chip cookie, red chocolate velvet sprayed raspberry and milk chocolate mousse, and popping candy.

There’s sour, there’s sweet, there’s creamy, there’s crunchy, there’s rich, there’s crackly... there’s basically a lot going on and I’m all here for it.

#raspberry #chocolate #dessert #red #aussiefood #food #foodporn #burpple #australia #melbourne #RXinaustralia #RXgetsfatAustralia

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How could I visit Melbourne and not pop by @burchpurchese after seeing Chef Darren Purchese and his awe-inspiring desserts on Masterchef AU?

And to actually meet the man himself at his patisserie.... 😱😱😱 cue gleeful fangirl screams.

I am a fan of fresh, fruity desserts, so the Strawberry & Apple Crumble Tart was one that I thoroughly relished. The pink base is apple compote and strawberry cream in a vanilla tart shell, sprinkled with pine nut crumble. Sitting on top is a cute little green “apple”, which is made of apple mousse and apple jelly.

Put everything together and you get a really lovely blend of textures and fresh, fruity flavours that harmonise as beautifully as the overall composition looks.

#apple #applecrumble #tart #dessert #sweet #pink #aussiefood #food #foodporn #burpple #australia #melbourne #RXinaustralia #RXgetsfatAustralia


Passion & strawberry meringue clouds