[CLOSED] Brownice Italian Vegan (East Coast Road)

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Think good food is synonymous with sinful? At Brownice, we are the exception, bringing you hearty Italian food, both healthy and yummy.

53 East Coast Road
Singapore 428771

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From the Burpple community

Today was pretty much a tour of the east to get all my dessert cravings settled once and for all .

Before heading for Putu piring at Haig Road , I stopped by brownrice because I have read quite a bit of good reviews by burpplers.

Nice to know that while you are rewarding your palate , your body gets rewarded with all the good stuff too. Made with organic brown rice and other plant based ingredients , these ice creams are lower in calories and easy on tummy 🤗

I tried the green tea , mocha, earl grey but the best to me was really the hazelnut - really the star ⭐️ flavour. So rich and nutty and creamy - this was a winner for me . Paired with a vegan cone which was crisp and relatively less sweet than commercial cones , this was a lovely dessert .

The cafe was not comfortable to sit in though because it was actually quite stuffy and hot so a takeaway would be best.

As I whizzed down the street - I was happy to have my ice cream in hand and enjoying It very bit while i saw a Long beeline for the gelato at birds of paradise 🤗

Just a few doors down from Birds of Paradise. Left: mint with chocolate chips. Right: strawberry. Light and flavourful, recommended for the lactose intolerant who love sorbet. At $3.50 a scoop and only 140cal, what are you waiting for?

Being restricted from ice creams is probably one of the worst things ever but vegans can scream with joy now for this delightful and icy treat that's free from animal produce! Having sampled most of the flavours, I have to applaud Brownice for doing their ice creams pretty well considering that they're composed of brown rice milk. It's definitely less creamy and more icy than your regular ice creams (like an in-between of sorbet and ice cream), but the taste was spectacular - impactful and equally capable of inducing happiness.

For stronger flavours, go for their dark chocolate and black sesame. But no matter what flavours you choose, you're sure to smile the whole time you're consuming their ice cream 😊


It's pretty sad for vegans when cheese and eggs are involved in most Italian food eh? Well, say no more because Brownice is here to the rescue!

Nope, don't expect instagrammable cheese-pulls from their pizzas ($14 - $19) because vegan cheese is used and IT'S YUMMY. Mad love for their pizza crust as well for being thin and crisp 👌 The pastas ($10 - $18) had great flavours too, although mostly tomato and pesto-based. Do give their lasagna a try - layers of eggplant and tofu crumble doused in a thick and creamy tomato paste which will surely make you see vegan lasagna in a different light.


When I first heard about this bistro, I was pretty skeptical.... ice creams made from organic brown rice and other plant based ingredients? Hmm 🤔

And just like any other ice cream parlours, you can sample their ice cream before making your decision. I highly recommend their Matcha, Gula Melaka and Black Sesame flavours! The match taste was strong and flavourful. It's hard to believe that there's no dairy found in all the ice cream here, yet they all taste like normal ice cream but just a little diluted compare to gelato.

Fun fact: each scoop of Brownice Ice Cream consists of a maximum of 150 calories which is 1/3 lesser calories than other ice cream out in the market. And it contains only 3% fat.

Price: $4 with cone


[Vegan-Friendly] Brownice is a restaurant that promises on 100% vegan food, which makes it quite a rare find in Singapore. Right outside their doorstep, you will be able to see a display of several flavours of ice-creams, which looks pretty enticing. And when you have a look at their menu, you might just be surprised to find that there’s a number of dishes that don’t conform to the idea that vegan = vegetables. Vegan pizzas, pastas, risottos and then some - these are among the things I’ve always hoped to find in this nation, despite not being a vegan myself.

Unfortunately, I had dinner before this, so I went with their Waffles w/ Ice Cream ($8). I didn't find out what the batter and the oscillating drizzle of chocolate ganache were made of, but I do know that they were decent. The waffles’ crust felt a little too hard though and it was too thin on the inside. It was quite a work to down this one, making it rather off-putting. But on the upside, they do have that gorgeous, signature aroma of a bread that has undergone Maillard’s Reaction; and they’re guilt-free! 🍞😍

However, as a whole, the thing that takes the crown of victory here is none other than…well, the crowning piece - their hazelnut ice-cream, named ‘Hi Hazel, I’m Nuts About You'. Their ice-creams are made with organic brown rice milk, evaporated cane juice, giving them a creamy, yet light, and a midlly sticky texture. They contain less than 3% fats and boast a calorie count of 80 – 140 kcal. per scoop! 😗 And they’re surprisingly flavourful, no matter which one you go for - you’ll immediately get a burst of flavour upon ingestion. Personally, this is a guilty pleasure that is worth trading off the regular ice-cream for.

Perhaps next time, I’ll get two scoops instead of one. And maybe with a brownie instead. I reckon it should be good, but we’ll see when I come back again soon! (6.8/10)