Artisanal softserve and homemade rice donuts
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Stateland Cafe
Singapore 189868

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Roasted Barley Tea Softserve

Roasted barley tea softserve with homemade maple granola and soy toffee sauce ($7)

Brother Bird

Located at a 10min walk away from bugis mrt, brother bird has some amazing soft serve icecream in store for you☺️ Got the red velvet waffle with cookie butter icecream($15) and the soft serve icecream is really good. They also have other appetizing flavours and waffles to go along with it☺️
The waffle was a 7/10 as its a little too soft for my liking but the softserve was a 9/10😍 Its very cold which dosent melt easily, and the flavour is not too sweet which is just right for me👍🏻
Highly recommended to those who love soft serve icecreams and I would go back again soon💯

Last day to get a taste of these babies!

Unfortunately was only able to drag my arse out yesterday, leaving just one day to share this with y'all 😪 Which also means it's that good, it warrants a share even if it's over in a couple of hours. Taro Milk Tea & Earl Grey Milk Tea: Brother Bird's Gong Cha-inspired flavours are, trust me, worth the visit. Fans of earl grey would appreciate the intense fragrance in this soft serve, tea leaves clearly visible and floral notes mighty obvious — especially cute how it comes with bits of mango pudding! Though if I may add my personal fave's the Taro Milk Tea, creamy and smooth, and topped with earthy, savoury strips of taro chips 😋

Taro Softserve

Can't say enough good things about the mochi donut! Loved that it came warm & was both crispy & chewy at the same time. Taro Softserve was really smooth and not overly rich too! Would have this again anytime!

Flavours of the Week (13 - 20 Jun)

This week was originally supposed to solely feature Taro Milk, but it seems that they've decided to do a tribute to Gong Cha which, as we know, is never dead as it lives on in our hearts. ❤️

But uh yes, the flavours this week were nothing short of impressive! They mimicked the individual flavours so brilliantly, I felt like they have managed to immortalise the Gong Cha drinks wooooweee. Love them. However, I am a little iffy about an additional thing that went into creating one of the flavours.

The Earl Grey softserve had a fair bit of mango jelly (to imitate the brand's pudding), which was a pleasant surprise at first, before it eventually became undesirable…it's probably because the intensity of the sweetness was challenging the fragrant, floral earl grey flavour. It was inevitable that I'd feel jelak at some point lah. So I didn't really take a liking to that, but that aside, these were some fantastic stuff. 🙂 (Earl Grey: 7.7/10 | Taro Milk: 8.1/10 | Average: 7.9/10)

[$7] Earl Grey Milk Tea Soft Serve

late to the party but this was mind blowing!!! you wouldn't be able to get this anymore but it really shows how good their soft serve creations can be. the fragrance and flavour of the earl grey reminded me so much of my favourite gong cha drink and the mango pudding surprise within just did it for me.

plus points for layering the crunch, pudding and soft serve!!!

Can't wait for the return of this fruity number already!

A refreshing cross between a sorbet and slushy, last week’s FOTW sees the return of Brother Bird’s Watermelon Softserve and luckily for me I got my hands on it before the next rotation. Embellished with almond dacquoise, melon seeds, dehydrated strawberry crisps, finished with a drizzle of rose scented white chocolate; the swirls do lean toward the sweet side and even more so with the lightly floral sauce as well as bits of meringue. The nice contrasting textures from the toppings do however add an element of fun with each spoonful. Ideal for the hot hot afternoon. And serving us well, this week will introduce the new Taro Milk Tea which I am really excited to try.

Flavour of the Week (5 - 12 June)

I really thought their Watermelon Softserve was an icy, refreshing treat that is extremely apt for the hotter times of the polarising weather this country has been experiencing lately. It captured the watermelon flavour really accurately too, and sees a new addition to their previous recipe; a contrasting element to it in the form of tartness from the chopped strawberries.

However, I would've preferred if they'd tried to go for a creamy texture. It's the same thing I've said before, and I still hope that they'll move in that direction someday. Also, the flavour gets a spontaneous spike in sweetness towards the end (I suspect it was the juice from the strawberries), which was a bordering on overwhelming for me, but it was ultimately fine as I cleared it completely. 😇

I guess the flavour was alright, but you should take my words with a grain of salt since I can't give a totally objective/neutral critique of this. Give it a go if you must, but only if you're ready to fork out $7 for this. (7/10)

Signature Mochi

Brother Bird never fails to disappoint. A crispy exterior with a classic mochi interior, the mochi doughnut stole my heart away. Topped with a thick and creamy softserve and served with almonds and crispy biscuits, the signature mochi is one of the must-try dishes at Brother Bird.

The June weekly flavor rotation schedule has been released so do check out their instagram (@brotherbirdsg) ☺️

The peanut butter mochi balls.


Can't wait to go to stateland for brunch this weekend!

Black Sesame Softserve with Matcha Sauce and Mochi Donut ( $14 )


Quirky, messy, beautiful.
Black sesame + matcha seems to be the best combination eva ~
Hurry down before @brotherbirdsg changes a different flavour next week !

Salted egg donut balls w cookie butter softserve ($15) 🥚🍪 ⭐️ 3.5/5 ⭐️ 🍴The salted egg balls were extremely unique and a bit like mochi with rich salted egg lava but a tad too sticky & chewy.

The salted egg flavour didn't really pair well with the interesting cookie butter softserve which tastes exactly as it's name - cookie dough + butter. With dried strawberries that give a sour punch and crispy yummy granola, there are many different flavours all at once. Overall, an enjoyable unique dessert but not sure if it's worth the price
[email protected], 32 Bali Lane, S189868 (near Bugis mrt)

Salted Egg Bursts

One of my wishlisted dessert places ✔️
Being an avid fan of salted egg yolk, I absolutely loved how the salted egg sauce flowed out from the mochi. I expected the mochi to be just soft and mushy, but the outside of the mochi is surprisingly quite crispy! I chose the cookie butter softserve and I have to say, they were definitely generous with their serving. The softserve was thick and creamy, though I felt that the softserve could use a tiny bit more flavor.
Overall, the dish was well-balanced, making it unsweet, which I absolutely loved. Highly recommended to dessert lovers out there!

Tokyo Banana [$7] - 7/10
📍Brother Bird, @brotherbirdsg .

Toyko Banana flavoured soft serve, topped with candied walnuts and spongy Toyko Banana cubes. I'm impressed by how true this soft serve was to the actual flavour. Only wished there were more flavour elements to it, and that it didn't melt as fast. Definitely worth a try if you haven't already! 🍌

Unique Soft Serves In A Cosy Cafe

Tokyo Banana ($7)

Have been wanting to try this for the longest time, and had high expectations for this. With that being said, I was still very impressed by it's flavour and texture - tasted exactly like how you would expect from its name, and the soft serve was so gorgeously smooth with the crunchy walnuts and spongy Tokyo Banana cakes for diversity. Highly recommended!

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