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// Good day good news so decided to treat myself some ice-cream hehe.. πŸ’“
On a side note, it's been 3 years since i last visited @statelandcafe~

Coconut Water Soft Serve With Earl Grey Mochi Bomb

Coconut water sobert was v refreshing and it comes with a strong coconut taste to my liking😁

Earl grey lava sauce that burst out from the mochi bomb was flavourful, even though it was mix with chocolate sauce

Back to try @brotherbirdsg Thai Green Tea Softserve + Salted Egg Burst ($15).

Very light and refreshing, isn't overpowering with its matcha taste or being too sweet. Most of the sweetness comes from the oozing warm salted egg sauce. Both of them goes hand in hand, very well done! 🀀
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Coconut Water Sorbet Softserve & Mochi Donut

Soft swirls with gula melaka, almond crunch and shredded coconut atop warm, chewy fried goodness.

Coconut Water Sorbet Soft Serve ($7)

Haven't been back since a disappointing Tokyo banana soft serve. Was in the area for exercise and decided to drop by because we exercise to eat more amirite?! No regrets and I didn't even feel guilty finishing this Coconut Water Sorbet soft serve ($7) by myself. The flavour of coconut was strong; texture was slightly icy, didn't mind cos it was so light and refreshing. No surprises about the combination of toppings but it was great nonetheless, absolutely loved the gula melaka which wasn't sweet, only wished there were more almond crunch with coconut shavings!πŸ˜‹

Thai Green Milk Tea Softserve ($7)

Thoroughly surprised that this photo turned out great since the softserve isn't that different from the background in terms of colour. But anyway, I had a go at the Thai Green Milk Tea Softserve ($7) the other day and loved it!

The softserve was well-made, being mostly creamy and semi-icy. In a way, this simultaneous texture helped to capture the essence of how refreshingly delicious Thai Green Milk Tea can be. The cubes of vanilla sponge cake, the Thai Milk Tea sauce (correct me if I'm wrong) and the evaporated milk crumbs were fitting and fantastic additions that accentuated this softserve.

One gripe I have, however, would be that some of the crumbles were way too big. But that aside, that was a pretty solid flavour! πŸ˜› (7.9/10)

Coconut water softserve [$7] Along with the Thai green tea flavour, this coconut water softserve is only available as a seasonal flavour till 8 august as well!

Usually not a fan of coconut but this was surprisingly good! Texture was a little icy (though not as bad as the Thai green tea) but smooth and refreshing, a great perk-me-up for the merciless scorching weather. Served with gula Melaka, almond crunch and specks of desiccated coconut flakes, the combination was much better here, with the almond crunch providing a pleasant crunch factor and the gula melaka contributing to a subtle tinge of sweetness. Really love the almond crunch toppings and if only the milk crumbs in the Thai green tea softserve could be replaced by this...

Thai green tea softserve [$7/cup]  New flavour available till 8th August, each cup of Thai green tea softserve comes with toppings of milk crumbs and vanilla sponge cake cubes by default.

Texture was a tad too icy for my liking, though I do fancy the distinctive earthy note and lingering jasmine floral fragrance that was aromatic and refreshing! Vanilla sponge cake was soft, spongy, decent but I can't say the same so for the milk crumbs. Personally didn't fancy the addition of these milk crumbs that had a peculiar milk powder-alike flavour, somewhat like condensed milk that didn't really complement the Thai green tea softserve. Perhaps normal almond crumbles would have been a better replacement...

For Soft Serve and Lava Mochi Balls

Housed under the same roof as Stateland Cafe in Bali Lane, Brother Bird demands repeat visits partly because their soft serve and mochi balls are delicious, but also because they change their flavours weekly β€” there's always something new to try! For the month of July, they have created soft serves inspired by traditional Asian beverages. Flavours currently on rotation are Hong Kong Milk Tea, Caffe Mocha and Yuan Yang. Get a Soft Serve cup ($7), which sees a generous serving of the ice cream layered with complementary toppings, or go all out with the addition of mochi balls, filled with flavoured lava like matcha and earl grey milk chocolate. The combination of chewy-soft rice balls and oozing liquid is definitely a treat! A dessert with mochi balls and a soft serve flavour of your choice will set you back between $14-$15, and is best shared with a friend.
Avg Price: $10 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Julius Lim

Earl grey and milk chocolate mochi burst [$15] Mochi balls filled with earl grey chocolate lava, along with your choice of softserve (flavours on weekly rotational basis), lying on a bed of granola clusters and raspberry coulis.

For this week flavours, you can choose between Hk milk tea, Cafe Mocha or Yuan Yang (a twist of the 2). Since I couldn't decide between milk tea or mocha, I decided to opt for yuan yang to enjoy the best of both worlds. Unfortunately there wasn't a significant colour contrast which I was expecting, with both flavours bearing a striking resemblance in colours- a pale brown hue. The swirl that I was served was a precarious "leaning tower" that collapsed after awhile πŸ˜‚ - swipe to view the mishap. Nevertheless, the softserve was still enjoyable, with a smooth and melt-in-the mouth creamy texture. Both flavours complemented one another well, resulting in a milky flavour coupled with a lingering aroma of coffee and a mild earthy note. The mochi burst were fluffy and chewy, filled with thick, creamy earl grey chocolate lava burst that was luscious and chocolatey, with a mild lingering aroma of earl grey that could have been more distinct .
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Roasted Barley Tea Softserve

Roasted barley tea softserve with homemade maple granola and soy toffee sauce ($7)

Brother Bird

Located at a 10min walk away from bugis mrt, brother bird has some amazing soft serve icecream in store for you☺️ Got the red velvet waffle with cookie butter icecream($15) and the soft serve icecream is really good. They also have other appetizing flavours and waffles to go along with it☺️
The waffle was a 7/10 as its a little too soft for my liking but the softserve was a 9/10😍 Its very cold which dosent melt easily, and the flavour is not too sweet which is just right for meπŸ‘πŸ»
Highly recommended to those who love soft serve icecreams and I would go back again soonπŸ’―

Last day to get a taste of these babies!

Unfortunately was only able to drag my arse out yesterday, leaving just one day to share this with y'all πŸ˜ͺ Which also means it's that good, it warrants a share even if it's over in a couple of hours. Taro Milk Tea & Earl Grey Milk Tea: Brother Bird's Gong Cha-inspired flavours are, trust me, worth the visit. Fans of earl grey would appreciate the intense fragrance in this soft serve, tea leaves clearly visible and floral notes mighty obvious β€” especially cute how it comes with bits of mango pudding! Though if I may add my personal fave's the Taro Milk Tea, creamy and smooth, and topped with earthy, savoury strips of taro chips πŸ˜‹

Taro Softserve

Can't say enough good things about the mochi donut! Loved that it came warm & was both crispy & chewy at the same time. Taro Softserve was really smooth and not overly rich too! Would have this again anytime!

Flavours of the Week (13 - 20 Jun)

This week was originally supposed to solely feature Taro Milk, but it seems that they've decided to do a tribute to Gong Cha which, as we know, is never dead as it lives on in our hearts. ❀️

But uh yes, the flavours this week were nothing short of impressive! They mimicked the individual flavours so brilliantly, I felt like they have managed to immortalise the Gong Cha drinks wooooweee. Love them. However, I am a little iffy about an additional thing that went into creating one of the flavours.

The Earl Grey softserve had a fair bit of mango jelly (to imitate the brand's pudding), which was a pleasant surprise at first, before it eventually became undesirable…it's probably because the intensity of the sweetness was challenging the fragrant, floral earl grey flavour. It was inevitable that I'd feel jelak at some point lah. So I didn't really take a liking to that, but that aside, these were some fantastic stuff. πŸ™‚ (Earl Grey: 7.7/10 | Taro Milk: 8.1/10 | Average: 7.9/10)

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