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From the Burpple community

This was so good! The sundried tomato lent a nice sweet/tart flavour to the bread which was crusty on the outside, and fluffy inside. The herbs were a great complement; I enjoyed this a lot!

This was nice, with the soft flavourful frangipane inside. Would have preferred the outsides to be a little more crisp (little bread pedlar’s almond croissants have crisp outers which I really like). This was also slightly more pricey than LBP’s, but it’s still worth a try!

This was so delicious! Fluffy, chewy and not greasy, with a good amount of smooth chocolate filling stuffed within. I enjoyed this very much :)

no hole in this pillowy doughnut means lots to fill up and folks at @breadaheadboroughmarket just didn't know when to stop. our honeycomb was so plump with salted caramel custard it oozes at slightest pressure. forget eating clean. i am never happier with icing and custard on my face like this. in fact, i wanna get dirty, like even porn. LOL. best £2.50 you spent, i promise you.

Seriously not worth the hype. The doughnut was cold, there was so little cream inside (even though they make it look like it's overflowing) and it wasn't tasty? The only positive thing was the fluffiness of the bread.
Price: £3

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