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From the Burpple community

Pretty astounded by the pace of how the favourite place has been introducing new items of the late. While they had recently only introduced both sweet and savoury galettes into their selection of bakes that are proudly displayed in their display shelf alongside their loaf cakes at their East Coast location, we had noticed the offering of various tarts on certain days as well which includes a Classic Pecan Tart, a Dark Chocolate Tart and the Lime Meringue Tart as well.

Sour desserts, and especially tarts, do pique our interest a little more so we found ourselves ordering the Lime Meringue Tart when we saw it being available during our recent visit there. For those who have been to Brawn & Brains Coffee at their Guillemard Road location a number of years ago, one could recall that there was a short period of time where they did offer a Lemon Tart and a Chocolate Tart as part of their pastry offerings β€” these are completely different from those we have had back then. Interestingly, Brawn & Brains Coffee has taken a different approach with the meringue in the Lime Meringue Tart here β€” rather than to have the meringue in its whipped form and torched like what most other places would do, the meringue here is actually baked and placed atop the lime curd. This gives the Lime Meringue Tart a texture unlike others β€” it provides that soft, crumbly, melt-in-the-mouth texture almost akin to that of the sugar icing on gem biscuits , but less the sweetness; provides a bit of a neutral note against the tart lime curd that refreshes the taste buds. Despite all the wet elements sitting above it, the tart base was on-point; well-executed enough to support whatever that is above it without being all wet and soggy, yet also maintaining a texture that is easy to cut through without being cookie-like or crumbling into a mess. Pretty much something I am making a mental note to get the next time I am here again.

It’s always a surprise whenever I hit the favourite place and a new pastry is being spotted at the counter β€” really liked how they have been consistent in whatever that they have served up over the years and the Lime Meringue Tart is yet another testament to that; a well-executed tart where they try to be a little different, yet keeping an eye on the necessary details that goes into making a good one. With all that effort and passion in their craft, I am definitely looking forward to seeing what other new items they may be coming up with β€” something which they seem to be doing a lot of in recent times!

Dropped by the favourite place for the weekly cuppa and found some new pastries hiding behind the display shelf again β€” had never seen them offer galettes before so it is a surprise to find them serving up not one, but two new galettes on the day of our visit; one being the Rustic Apple Galette, and the other being a Rustic Peach Frangipane Galette.

Since we arrived Brawn & Brains after lunch, we only had stomach space to share just one galette β€” the Rustic Apple Galette being our choice of galette to go for. Patrons who wishes to go for an additional scoop or Vanilla Ice-Cream can choose to do so for an additional $4. Really liked how the puff pastry was not too dense here, yet enough to provide a good chew as one tears the galette apart; there is that slight fragrance of the dough amidst all the thin and soft apple slices over the top. Whilst the apple slices did carry a slight tang, there is a very light spread of cream cheese between the puff pastry and the apple slices to bring the two together β€” a pretty decently-sized pastry for one to finish.


Dropped by the favourite place at East Coast Road (their Guillemard outlet has since been closed for renovations) and noticed this hiding in the display shelf alongside the usual bakes and pastries for a couple of weeks. Decided to go for them since these look quite like a fun bite-sizes item to have whilst I have the usual cuppa.

Coming in 10 pieces a portion, the Ping Pong Donuts do come pretty affordable at $3.80 before GST β€” served in the same paper bag as they would pack the takeaway pastries in, they have also rolled the paper bag down whilst also including a satay stick so one can actually use it to their convenience as they enjoy the donuts. The donuts are pretty much the same as their Cinnamon Spice Donut that used to come in a bomblini form; just smaller in a bite-sized portion that can be had in a mouthful. Here, the donuts come a little firmer bite even when compared to their usual bombolini-style donuts; though some may find it a tad dry β€” we found these to be pretty decent especially when paired with a cuppa on the side. A pretty fun bite to have as one pops a Ping Pong Donut into the mouth, and then takes a sip on the Long Black β€” pretty much the sort of activity which I would engage on a leisurely afternoon.

On a side note, a new location of Brawn & Brains Coffee is currently in the works at Hamilton Road; looking forward to the opening of their new location sometime soon, and also to what they have to offer there!


Luxuriously creamy, the bacon-speckled sauce swathes oodles of thick udon noodles in garlicky, cheesy richness. The salty ebiko and shreds of crispy kale go some way in counterpointing the decadence, but the furikake-crusted fatty salmon fillet as well as runny egg are akin to adding fat to the fire, however deliciously it might burn.
TLDR - very nice but jelak.

Taste: 3.5/5

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Visited the East Coast Road outlet of the favourite place over the weekend instead of the Guillemard Road one since we were wanting to check out another spot around Marine Parade β€” pretty much a coincidence given how the folks behind Brawn & Brains had also introduced yet another new item on the menu; the Crispy Cauliflower Drumlets.

Being part of the β€œMunchies” section of the menu, the Crispy Cauliflower Drumlets is one of those items that could be shared at the table. A great vegetarian alternative to the Crispy Karaage Chicken with Side of Sriracha Dip, the Crispy Cauliflower Drumlets is pretty much almost the same here β€” cauliflower florets with a golden brown, deep-fried batter that is sprinkled with chili powder for a subtle hint of spiciness that lingers at the taste buds. Whilst the batter for the Crispy Cauliflower Drumlets doesn’t come with the bits of quinoa that gives their Crispy Karaage Chicken with Side of Sriracha Dip that extra crunch, we liked how crisp the batter was without being particularly greasy, while the cauliflower gives a soft crunch. Just like the Crispy Karaage Chicken with Side of Sriracha Dip though, they do offer a wedge of lime for a zesty touch if you do prefer it that way, though rather than to come with a sriracha dip, the Crispy Cauliflower Drumlets came with a creamy and light aioli that matches the more neutral flavours of the cauliflower here β€” a pretty thoughtful touch!

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Heard from a friend that the favourite place had been serving up some new mains and a new donut at their East Coast Road branch β€” and needless to say, a trip down to try the dishes is pretty much mandatory, since I am quite into trying anything new that comes out from them.

Between the two new items (the other one being the Aglio Olio, Miso Garlic Prawns in White Wine Sauce), I found the Pan-Seared Salmon, Creamy Jap Udon with Sushikko Ebiko to be my favourite β€” perhaps because this was pretty much their take to the classic Carbonara with a twist. One could also easily argue that this item is likely to be a spin-off from the usual grain bowl (with Japanese Udon), considering some of the elements used such as the sous-vide egg, Kale, Salmon and Sushikko Ebiko β€” even the aesthetics of the dish seems to tell so. We really liked how the cream wasn’t particularly cloying with this one, even though they were pretty generous with it so that the Udon beneath gets laced with it. The Japanese Udon was also pretty chewy and provides for much of the textures going on in here, while the pan-fried salmon comes flaky and sufficiently moist with a crisp, savoury skin β€” essentially what I would have expected it to be. The crisp, shredded kale gives the dish a further textural impact with the Sushikko Ebiko whilst giving the dish a more wholesome feel; the former with its light crispness while the latter provides for that popping sensation as one chews upon them. Hidden amidst all of that within the cream sauce are slices of bacon β€” the part where the dish replicates the good ol’ Carbonara the most together with the sous-vide egg; the bacon providing that slight saltishness of cured meat that gives a further contrast of flavours to the cream sauce, while the sous-vide egg yolk giving the dish a silkier texture as one breaks the yolk and mixes it into the dish.

It seems that the folks behind Brawn & Brains have been revamping some of their menu items a little β€” while new dishes such as this and the Aglio Olio, Miso Garlic Prawns in White Wine Sauce have found a place in their menu, there are also other new items such as the Sea Salt Caramel Donut, and Dark Chocolate Babka with Ice-Cream and Caramel Sauce being spotted on the menu at their East Coast branch. The BB Sourdough Waffles has also seen a slight twist with the infusion of thyme as the BB Sourdough Thyme Waffles β€” perhaps a tweak made with the current trends of flavoured waffles served with ice-cream and herb-infused waffle cones. Always liked how they are always constantly coming up with new items gradually with a tedious R&D process here, keeping things fresh for patrons even though they have been around for 8 years and counting. Meanwhile, my eyes are probably set on the Dark Chocolate Babka with Ice-Cream and Caramel Sauce the next time I head to this outlet …

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