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After trying their Blue Pea Nasi Lemak, I came back the next morning to try their Coffee, egg and toast set. I usually make toast and breakfast at home, so I have to admit I felt it was a bit pricey. BUT, I was very impressed by the whole meal, especially the nice generous amount of butter in the toast, and generous slices (4 squares). I thoroughly enjoyed the slices of cold creamy butter that melts nicely in every bite. Hope they continue to keep their recipes rich and delicious.

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New establishment in Limbang. While their Nasi Lemak is priced higher than the coffee shop, I enjoyed this dish much more in the following aspects: Fried chicken - nice crunchy and crispy batter, with a nice hint of cumin; sambal has a nice balance of sweetness and spiciness (maybe similar to Crave's), pairs nicely with cabbage and egg; Blue pea nasi is fragrant and not too moist; egg is nicely fried and drained from oil. Great to see the other customers enjoying their meals here (wanton mee, Chendol, curry chicken). Looking forward to their continuous service and success in Limbang.

The revamp of Limbang Shopping Centre had took quite some time, but it seems that the wait is pretty much well worth it for those whom are residing in the area and hoping for some notable F&B options to move into the ‘hood. With tenants slowly moving into Limbang Shopping Centre, the neighbourhood mall has seen some really interesting F&B operators having commenced business here, such as the likes of Napolizz Pizza (which also has outlets situated at Anson Road, Turf City etc.), I Love Sukhothai (a Thai eatery) and Sueno (an ice-cream parlour; they had just recently closed down their original location at 888 Plaza subsequent to the opening of the Limbang Shopping Centre outlet). Adding on to the list of interesting F&B establishments at Limbang Shopping Centre is Blue Ocean Kopi & Toast; the eatery is quite a mom-and-pop style eatery that focuses on “Malaysian” fare as its main offerings — the interior of the eatery does come themed in somewhat of a Peranakan-style shophouse, with the use of pastel blue on its walls and counters to give it that vibe. Dine-in furnishings at Blue Ocean Kopi & Toast is pretty much towards the functional side of things, with white wooden stools and tables with a marble-esque finishing and gold rims being the furniture provided for dine-in patrons. The menu at Blue Ocean Kopi & Toast largely revolves around several noodle offerings, Nasi Lemak and Hainanese-style toasts, while beverages include Nanyang-style Kopi & Teh and Fresh Soya Milk; just to name a few. It is worth noting that the establishment is looking to get halal-certified at the time of writing, with the certification likely to happen in the next few months.

Not sure what is with us that we seem to be unable to resist anything curry-related these days, but skimming through the menu and it was the Ipoh Curry Chicken Noodle that stood out for us. We are not quite sure about how the Curry Chicken Noodle is being served in Ipoh-style; it does seem like the “Ipoh” in the namesake of the dish is being slapped on the item’s name to keep it consistent with the theme of the establishment here. Blue Ocean Kopi & Toast does not describe the elements that come with the Ipoh Curry Chicken Noodle on its menu; that being said, our portion is observed to come with a bowl of curry chicken featuring a chicken drumstick, and a bowl of noodles on the side that comes with a sprinkle of spring onions over the top. Digging in to the dish, we went for the noodles first. The bowl of noodles were pretty fuss-free; there really isn’t anything else that came with the bowl of noodles except for the spring onions and the dark sauce that it was being tossed in — the noodles carried a hint of savouriness and slight sweetness; pretty slurpy though we wouldn’t really quite pair them with the curry chicken considering how they carry a flavour on its own. Meanwhile, the bowl of curry chicken also comes without any other ingredients — there are other establishments that would include potatoes in their curry chicken dish, but there is only curry gravy and chicken drumstick here. Surprisingly, the curry gravy really hit the spot; thick, rich and creamy, there was a distinct note of the curry spices and coconut milk used here — there was never a point where it felt watered down. The chicken drumstick was also easy to eat; the meat being tender and comes off the bones easily, with the chicken drumstick having absorbed some flavours from the curry gravy as well.

It is important to understand the type of establishment that Blue Ocean Kopi & Toast is before delving any further in their food — Blue Ocean Kopi & Toast; the establishment itself is a fuss-free, almost barebones, fast dining concept; something that is pretty similar to that of Penang Savour that has multiple locations around the island. While there is a Malaysian theme going with the food that is being served up here, the use of Malaysian state names such as “Kluang” and “Ipoh” does seem more of a gimmick than actually indicative of the style of the item that is being served in — should not be something that one takes too seriously when dining here. The Kluang Traditional Chendol is rather similar to that of other chendol dishes that we had come across — one that featured Pandan jelly, kidney beans, coconut milk and Gula Melaka atop shaved ice; we did wish that the shaved ice comes a little bit finer for a better texture, though this meant that the Kluang Traditional Chendol might actually fare better with the ice melted slightly and the elements having integrated together. The focus on the Kluang Traditional Chendol seems to be on the Gula Melaka more than any other element though; the deep, earthy notes amidst the sweetness being the most prominent flavour profile amongst all the elements that come with this bowl of Chendol itself. Meanwhile, the Milo Yuan Yang here comes with an option of Kopi / Teh; it seems that the Milo Yuan Yang isn’t Milo + Yuan Yang where Yuan Yang meant Kopi + Teh itself; rather, the Milo Yuan Yang refers to the addition of Milo + Kopi or Milo + Teh. Having known that, we went for the Milo + Kopi — this is also essentially what is being coined the Hor Ka Sai which had been gaining popularity in recent times. The version here seemed heavy on the Milo with the notes of coffee being barely detectable. Prices of the mains at Blue Ocean Kopi + Toast are in the range of $4.50 to $7.50 — pretty wallet-friendly and suits the sort of establishment it is; not a spot that one would think of making an out-of-the-way visit for, though most certainly a decent dining choice for residents around the area at least.

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