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From the Burpple community

Got the lotus pork soup, it's very good. Full of umami from the dried cuttlefish

Apologies for the lack of pic, silly mistake on my part

Tasty plate of roast duck noodle.
Not bad.


Skin so slippery can eat without teeth. The chilli oil savoury, slightly vinegary and spicy. I'm not in Sichuan but it's heavenly.

This was Duck noodle with added Roasted Pork at Master Choy...!!
The egg noddle, tossed in some savoury sauce was, thin and springy. The roasted duck was nicely roasted, meat was tender and its skin was almost crispy. The Roasted Pork had the right amount of meat and fat. It was tender, not overly salty and the skin was incredibly crispy - I could hear the crunch when I bit into it - definitely the star of today’s meal...!!

📍892C Coffeeshop - along Woodlands Ave 2

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Came back to this 892C Coffeeshop. This time, I didn’t get the Zha Jiang Mian and dumplings but instead got myself this 3-meat set lunch of Char Siew, Siew Yuk and Siew Ngarp (叉燒, 燒肉, and 燒鴨). The set lunch also came with a plate of Yao Choy (油菜). All this for $6.90. Cheap or not...??

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Had this Mixed Sauce Noodle (炸酱面) with some steamed dumplings from this Si Chuan Stall (四川名小吃) at this newly renovated 892C coffeeshop along Woodlands Avenue 2.
The portion of this “Chinese Spaghetti” was huge - could have shared this - noodles smothered in minced pork sauce cooked with Chinese black bean sauce with what looks like diced hard tofu, and topped with shredded cucumber - was refreshing and deliciously filling.
But the highlight of the meal was the dumplings - not just mine - but the fried gyoza, dumplings in Red oil, Xiao Long Bao and Boiled Dumplings that my colleagues also ordered to share...!! Not the best - and definitely cannot compare to those from Din Tai Fung or Crystal Jade - but decent and very reasonably priced...!!

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