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From the Burpple community

What’s best on a rainy day? A bowl 🥣 of hot porridge.

This was thick and creamy; and comes with tons of tender liver, topped with fried shallots, spring onions, fried dough fritters and a raw egg.

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Smallest portion, the fish isn't generous but taste wise I believe it's still the best I've had. The fish soup itself was full of umami and amped up with the fried garlic?, the fish slices were tender and the chili is probably their biggest secret. It's deep and complex with a nice hit of bitter heat, really packs a punch but you just can't stop. Had this for years and so far haven't had a better fish soup (expensive for the portion but still insane queue everyday)


Tried the Penang Hokkien mee prawn noodle from this stall. It’s $3 for the small bowl, which is very decently priced and so affordable. I like that the bean sprouts don’t taste very very raw. The soup is also very flavourful. They are also very generous with the other ingredients as well. Perfect for a cold weather!

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Prices have risen slightly ($2 for 4)! The skin was thick with only a thin layer of filling for the peanut ones, but the coconut version was generous with sweet desiccated coconut.

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The Penang hokkien mee ($3) uses the same soup as their prawn noodles, so you’re not missing out on much! The prawns are unquestionably smaller but they were surprisingly sweet and firm.

Felt my heart drop a little when I received my bowl of sliced fish soup ($4) - sure, it was a large bowl, but it looked awfully empty. The sparse portion of fish & vegetables was rather disappointing! I did like the clear, clean soup though. And their chilli is a big draw - fiery with a strong roasted garlic flavour!