Birds of Paradise delights in creating gelato of the finest quality, inspired by the botanical flavours of nature.

63 East Coast Road
#01-05 The Red House Katong
Singapore 428776

12:00pm - 10:00pm

12:00pm - 10:00pm

12:00pm - 10:00pm

12:00pm - 10:30pm

12:00pm - 10:30pm

12:00pm - 10:00pm




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Tried their two most popular flavours - great in small portions but clearly the scoops were pretty generous. Just found it a tad too sweet. My favourite was the thyme cone though.

We got the chamomile and lychee raspberry flavours! Single scoop for $3.70. Double scoop for $4.70. Thyme cone @$1.
Tried the other flavours as well - chrysanthemum (I didn't like the cocoa nibs that came with it), strawberry basil (I personally don't like basil, which tastes like mint to me), pandan (tastes like pandan cake), chamomile (it tastes like hazelnut ferror rocher to me, don't ask me why.and there wasn't the slightest taste of ginger at all)
But why no seats? There was only a standup bar counter...
#burpple #burpplesg

Making the best out of my long journeys to the east, you will always see me back at Birds of Paradise if I am in the area and sticking to my favourites - White Chrysanthemum and Raspberry & Lychee!

Still diggin’ the floral murals and shades of pale pastel scoops served in freshly made thyme-infused cones or in this case recyclable cardboard cups as they have just ran out of cones that day. Distinct floral fragrance of grassy chrysanthemum together with crunchy cacao nibs (cocoa beans), an unlikely pairing that just works with a well mix of milkiness to tie the flavours. And double the treat with the classic fruity combination of zingy raspberries and sweet lychee.

It's well matched with thyme cone (cost $1). Mint Cacao ($4.70) have bland and cooling taste mixed well with slightly mint thyme. #bopgelato I hope that I go for second time for lychee raspberry with thyme cone.

Following a floral and Asian fusion theme flavor, they never seem to disappoint!
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White Chrysanthemum flavor, with flowery sweet scent. The thyme cone is a must-order whenever you’re here an ice cream!

I finally managed to try this ice cream after being in the area! I tried a few flavours with my siblings- basil strawberry, white chocolate chrysanthemum, masala, and some kind of vanilla. Sadly (and contrary to popular option), I didn't enjoy this ice cream very much. The chrysanthemum one was a bit too light for my tastes, while the masala one was too heavy. Vanilla was ordinary. The thyme cone also didn't add much to the ice cream, and broke quite easily and leaked at the bottom, so we had to finish the ice cream in a panic. That being said, I really enjoyed the basil strawberry ice cream, because the strawberry flavours were really distinct and not artificial tasting.

$4.70 + $1 (cone)
Interesting gelato flavours for selection.
Vanilla fig was very smooth and rich in flavour. The thyme cone added a crisp texture and more aroma to the main star - gelato.

Pretty pricey and no seating space so you have to stand and eat, but the quality of the gelato is pretty good!!

Loved the masala chai flavour and the chrysanthemum with cocoa nibs flavour. The pistachio was good too but not as good as alfero's. The freshly made thyme cone was also a stand out for me!! 7/10 would return I think

Somehow never posted about BOP before but it's surely one of my favorite places to go to for ice creams (if only it wasn't so far)! Their range of scoops here are all less sweet than usual, mostly the more light and refreshing sort with botanical elements. Flavours are less seen else where too, you can expect tubs of Basil, Spiced Pear, Vanilla with Figs, etc. Always difficult to make decisions here because almost everything's so good!! But my favorites to go for so far are the White Chrysanthemum (they've cocoa nibs in it) and Lychee Raspberry.

Ice cream !!! I got double scoop ~ pistachio and white chrysanthemum. Really good 👍 #burpple #burpplesg #firsttimetrying

Had to drop by since I am in the area — again, another flavour that hits the spot from Birds of Paradise Gelato; light hints of lychee with raspberry swirls that provides for a light hint of berry tartness. Think of it as their twist to the Raspberry Swirl ice-cream with a Lychee fusion; pretty appealing.

(PS: The Lemongrass Ginger flavour is actually one that would hit those with heavier palates — the sharper notes of ginger doesn't attempt to cloud your tastebuds; rather, it felt pretty refreshing and soothing especially with the lemongrass notes which struck a good balance between both flavours.)

Double scoop: lemongrass & Camomile + ginger flower

👅💭: 😊 Interesting, i kinda enjoyed the floral taste to my gelato but im not sure i really love it enough to crave for it.

I love lemongrass and so it felt like having a taste of spa in my mouth 😅 while the camomile was really light n pleasant. What i really disliked was the taste of the wooden spoon in my mouth.

The crowd was pretty huge last night 😶 probably little overhyped but im glad i didnt have to queue too long

Had the double scoops white chrysanthemum and lychee raspberry flavours ($7.70) in cone (+$1). Love their white chrysanthemum! Unique and refreshing with very familiar chrysanthemum fragrant.
Lychee raspberry had a stronger lychee flavour. Feels a little "jerlat" towards the end because it is on the sweeter side.
Their thyme Cone were made fresh on the spot. It is on the softer (brittle) side, not something i will rave about thou.
Great ice cream overall!

Finally got to trying this ice cream store after hearing much rave reviews. Famed for its quality and unique local flavours, it's worth a try.

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