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Truffle Fries

So generous with that cheese and truffle oil. Definitely coming back for more

Feel like I need this today.

Soy cappuccino. Very good and smooth. Not many cafes make a good soy based coffee, as soy protein tends to coagulate in coffee, or the soy milk used isn't very good with their roast. Fortunately this was real good.

Creamy Mushrooms on Sourdough ($14, add $2 for sunny side up, $3 for scrambled eggs or sausages).

The mushrooms were sauteed in a garlicky creamy white wine sauce and topped with grated parmesan cheese. I love love love this sourdough. It was thick and toasted to perfection, excellent for soaking up every bit of the delicious cream sauce. They were also so generous with the amount of mushroom. This dish may not look like much, but if you do finish both slices of bread (each of which was the size of my face), this will be more than substantial.

Atlas CoffeeHouse - Brewed Coffee: Black Bird (💵S$8.50) Taste Flight of Cold Brew, Nitro Brew & Iced Black.


With an extensive Coffee Menu that's spoils & also fulfilled every caffeine addict, comes the Black Bird. That is if you are into Cold Brews (which I am totally into with the weather in SG) 🏵
The Black Bird comes with a tasting of 3 cold brews, it got my curiosity but the Nitro Brew caught my attention & heart. It's like drinking a carbonated black coffee, it's either you Love it or Hate it kinda thing. 😋

ACAMASTIPS💮: Other stand out coffees are:
The Milky Way - Cold brew Coffee (💵S$7)
Barista Breakfast - Latte & Double espresso (💵S$8)
Magic - 5oz Double Shot (💵S$5)
Hazelnut Latte (💵S$6 +S$1 for iced)
Toffee Latte (💵S$6 +S$1 for iced)

Salmon soba noodles ($18) 🍣
🍴The dish included a poached salmon dressed with a house-made yogurt sauce 👍🏻 and came with a generous serving of soba noodles & shimeji mushrooms.

To top it off, there was a well cooked egg with lots of seasoning on top to make it extra yummy. Really enjoyed the combination of all the components ⭐️ 4/5 ⭐️
📍@atlascoffeehouse, 6 Duke's Road S268886 (near Botanics MRT)

Atlas CoffeeHouse - All Day Brunch - ATLAS Butterscotch Banana Pancake (💵S$18.50) Signature Fluffy Pancake served with Caramelised Banana & House-Made Butterscotch & Honey Comb Ice-Cream.


Its Crisp/Firm on the outside, Moist & Fluffy inside, Sweet & Big kinda like what you want from your.... *(whatever you want to input) 😉
The caramelised cornflakes provides a needed crunch with the banana & the ice-cream, well its a House-Made Butterscotch & Honey Comb Ice-Cream. 😋

ACAMASTIPS💮: This is so Sweet & Wrong but yet so Satisfying, yes it's Sinful too but you can always ask for your forgiveness later at least after you devour it.🍴
It's quite a big portion, share it as dessert & get their All Day Breakfast as your "Proper Brunch" 🖖🏻

Matcha waffle ($13.50) 🍵

Really liked the matcha ice cream for its creamy & rich taste & it paired well with the butter crumbles on a fluffy hearty buttery waffle. Note that it can be filling & get a bit 'jelat' if eaten alone ⭐️ 4/5 ⭐️
📍@atlascoffeehouse, 6 Duke's Road S268886 (near Botanics MRT)

Atlas CoffeeHouse - All Day Brunch - Summer Chicken Stew (💵S$18) Slow roasted Chicken Thigh with Herbed Potatoes & Carrots served with Sundries-Tomato Cream Broth & dipping Sourdough.


The thought of having this in a minimalistic cafe looking out the window with drops of rain splattering on a gloomy rainy day, plus a cup of good cuppa & maybe just maybe any Lang Lev book will be perfect. ☕️
But who am I kidding, it's Warm, it's Flavourful, it's Heartwarming & it's Satisfying. I'm talking about the Summer Chicken Stew not the Damn Weather. 😋 •
ACAMASTIPS💮: It get pretty crowded on the weekends afternoon, so much so that one's gotta wait (God knows how Long) in line to dine. Therefore I'd strongly suggest for you to make a reservation with @chopesg on their App/Web or through @burpple 🖖🏻

Atlas CoffeeHouse - All Day Brunch - Creamy Mushrooms on Sourdough (💵S$14 + Scrambled Eggs + S$3) White wine Creamy Mushrooms served on Toasted Sourdough, Freshly grated Parmesan Cheese.


Brunch is one of the very few reasons I even bother to wake up in the weekends especially after a night of partying & drinking. 🍻
An almost Umami Creamy Mushrooms, Hearty Scrambled Eggs, cream soaked centre with crunchy side toasted Sourdough... almost a perfect Brunch. Plus the portion runs Big. 😋

ACAMASTIPS💮: A Sister cafe of Assembly Coffee, Atlas CoffeeHouse serves Third-Wave Coffee & Hearty Nosh in the lushest, chilliest spots that's just a stone throw away from Botanic Gardens & the quiet estates of Bukit Timah. 🖖🏻

Butter 'er Up

Brunch just wouldn't be complete without waffles. And Atlas' berry compote waffles are some of the best in the land, so you really, really don't have much of an excuse not to order 'em.

A shockingly sour and tart summer Berry compote is generously splashed out all over the internally fluffy, externally crispy waffles before being finished off with an artistic drizzle of honey, and a super sized scoop of vanilla ice cream.

For $13.50, it doesn't sound like value for money, but each individual element is so finely executed to the point where it all comes together like a symphony, believe me.

The fluffy, substantially sized waffle absorbs the tart berry compote and softens up a little for easier ingestion, while the honey and ice cream serve to balance out Atlas' berry compote, which is the most sour and tart rendition I've had thus far with their sweetness. The slowly melting, suitably sweet vanilla frozen dairy treat lubricates everything and gives it a lush richness and a pleasantly icy temperature as it winds its way down into your tummy.

Atlas' buttermilk waffles are so good, you can use 'em to butter up whoever it is you need a favor from.

Low And Slow Wins The Race

I haven't had a lazy Saturday brunch in quite a while, and I could definitely do worse than to get back into the swing of it with Atlas Coffeehouse.

Their low and slow pulled pork consists of a hill of Atlas' 18 hour slow braised pulled pork carefully piled onto two thick slices of sourdough toast followed by a couple of rashers of streaky bacon draped atop Pulled Pork Hill, a generous glob of scrambled eggs on the side, and garnished with a garden of arugula so you get some fiber in.

The pulled pork was tantalizingly tender, but interestingly enough, it wasn't quite as moist as I had expected. Perhaps it was due to the pork being shredded too early, and then sitting out too long before being served and thus losing most of their natural meaty juices. Whatever the reason was, the pulled pork was delicious, but not as juicy as I would've liked.

As for the brown sauce itself, I'm not quite a fan of it. Sure, it was rich and savory, but that was it. Instead of it using the one dimensional brown sauce, I would've much rather Atlas used a North Carolinian style sweet barbecue sauce, as it would've introduced some heat and a sliver of sweetness to the dish. The sourdough wasn't quite up to par as well, due to the crust being more chewy than crusty, which was a bit of a shame.

Fortunately, the scrambled eggs pulled off the carry of the game. They were stunningly velvety, smooth, creamy and so pillowy soft that one could practically inhale the eggs without any chewing. They went well with the artfully greasy and delightfully savory rashers of bacon, and helped to break the monotony of the rich, savory pulled pork. The arugula did well at injecting its natural pepperiness into the dish, but excelled especially when paired with the scrambled eggs.

Protip: come in before 11am if you're not particularly keen on waiting for seats. I arrived at 930 and walked right up to a seat of my choosing, but at 11, the crowd magically appeared as I was sipping Atlas' excellent earl grey tea.

Berry Maple Pancake

As tart as it sounds. Extremely fluffy pancake with a cranberry & strawberry topping and maple syrup. The perfect balance of sweet and sour. Price per person: $25

Creamy mushroom

This creamy mushroom on sourdough with scrambled eggs was on-point. The cream sauce was just right. The sourdough was a nice touch, something different to balance the palate. Will definitely come back for it! $25 per pax.

Dark Chocolate Cheesecake

Dark Chocolate Cheesecake ($7.50)

The dessert fridge @atlascoffeehouse is like a paradise for cake-fanatics! I was quite stumped as to what to order cos everything sounded and looked so appealing! From malted milk cream puffs to red velvet nutella cupcakes, you'll really be spoilt for choice! Picked this cheesecake because I couldn't take my eyes off that thick layer of dark chocolate! While this looked really inviting, I couldn't say the same about its taste. The cheese was really heavy and there was a lingering aftertaste I couldn't quite describe. Suffice to say, it did not sit well with my palette and we left this behind after taking a few bites.

Summer Chicken Stew

Summer Chicken Stew ($18)

Ordered this Summer Chicken Stew cos it started to ⛈ outside plus dipping sourdough bread into a chicken stew sounded like an westernized version of dipping bread in curry😂. Was pleasantly shocked by the sheer portion of this dish. A whole chicken leg, herbed potatoes and carrots all stewing in a mildly spicy sun-dried tomatoes cream sauce. The sauce was super appropriate for dipping the sourdough bread and the chicken tasted good. Hearty stew perfect for the wet Sunday weather.

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