* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * At Angeleno we source the freshest seasonal produce from California farms to create exceptional Italian dishes. Join us soon for great food served in a relaxed environment with warm, personable service.

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From 5 - 7pm, their selection of Negronis are $10 each. I have tried five of the six available Negronis, and this is by far the smokiest, the metaphorical equivalent of a dirty grind with a brooding, heavy-breathing cigar enthusiast.

We ordered the lobster spaghetti for appetizer and the signature veal chop parmigiana and a charred brocollini to share. Dessert was chocolate semi fredo with pistachio. Overall a good hearty meal. Though I must say the service was sub par and passive.

The pasta menu was refreshed so I did not get my oxtail ragu that I was looking for.

Despite maintaining a poised, stoic front, this classy, cakey creation delivers a donkey punch of a kick in comparison to her wetter, more overtly come-hither sisters - just one spoonful and you immediately feel your noggin sink into a cosy fuzziness. 4.2/5

When I choose a meat-sauce pasta, it's because I am lusting after meat (blessed with a talent for stating the obvious, aren't I? ๐Ÿ˜œ ) However, the handmade pasta on this plate was cause for me to swoon. I swear I was standing on the peak of al dente nirvana when I chomped on these extraordinary ribbons.

With the robustly-seasoned shreds of oxtail ragout and soft-from-the-heat pecorino cheese clinging on like a psycho ex (you know the one I'm talking about ๐Ÿ˜), every forkful I hoovered up had me rolling my eyes in ecstatic pleasure.

Recommended by our friendly and knowledgeable server Vince, the braised garoupa was an absolute stunner. And as Chef David explained later to us, it is a dish that's representative of who he is: an Israeli by heritage who's born and raised in California.
In all honesty, I found this stellar. Braised in a tomato-based gravy with kickass jalapeรฑos and chickpeas, the seasonal garoupa from New Zealand turned out to be exactly the way I've always preferred my fish: firm and flakey. Another highlight is how Chef David puts the all-important finishing touches--dusting of the on-the-branch oregano from Sicily, and the pouring of the tahini from Israel--right at the table. I highly recommend getting an order of the delicious rosemary fried potatoes with alioli as a side as well. Lightly crisped of skin and mealy within, these are good enough to tempt even those of you who're staunchly in the anti-carbs camp.

The large pieces of chargrilled octopus looked slightly daunting initially as I was concerned they'd be tough and rubbery. My fears were fortunately, unfounded as every bite I took was met only by a gentle chewy tenderness. This same dish at other restaurants is usually served with a lemon wedge and salad leaves, but at Angeleno, Chef David piles on a little more - he had roasted sweet peppers and grilled fingerling potatoes as well. That's the California-Italian touch for you. ๐Ÿ˜„

The tender and well-salted baby cow, which was literally smoking hot inside out, may have been the secret offspring of a loving pig and a sultry chicken from a steamy barnyard tryst one thunderous night, whilst elsewhere the herby red sauce conceals a spicy secret only discoverable upon further probing. 4.2/5

The fragrant, buttery pasta had a confident, gymnastic firmness without ever crossing over into being hard, each seemingly releasing a naughty inner creaminess upon bite. Elsewhere, the leaves had the delectable fried crunch of chips and the gelatinous, mischievously wriggly mushrooms provided wickedly pleasurable bite. 4/5

Helmed by the previous head chef of Osteria Mozza, Angeleno serves up a menu of Italian-American fare, so don't be surprised to find American cold cuts alongside traditional Italian dishes. The restaurant is super proud of its red sauce, which forms the base of the flavourful Angeleno's Meatballs ($22), served with wood-fired polenta, as well as the hearty Tagliatelle Alla Bolognese ($31). In the mood for meat? Go for the Signature Veal Chop Parmigiana ($75, enough for two). Covered in a blanket of melting mozzarella, the crust is crisp golden and the veal is tender. Save space for the luscious Chocolate Pudding ($15).
Avg price: $55 per person

Tagliatelle, my recent favourite type of pasta.
When we tasted this, we thought it reminded us of Osteria Mozza. Turned out Chef David is helming the kitchen!

Really divine, the tenderness of the veal sends you on a high.
We asked the chef if it is technically difficult to execute. "it's made with a lot of love" was his answer.
I have the feeling this will be one of 2016's hottest to-go restaurant.

When it came to desserts, I took an eternity to decide before picking the Cannoli. The crisp, biscuit-like tubes edged with chopped pistachio were pumped full of thick, sweet ricotta that had a hint of lemon. The pair of them were served in a tart cherry sauce and finished with a dusting of icing sugar.

Perfectly grilled to the prettiest pink hue, the Iberico pork chop which had been seasoned with fennel, boasted a sweetness and juiciness that's hard to beat. The accompanying apple salsa was wonderful but I adored our additional side orders of charred broccolini ($19++) and rosemary-fried potatoes ($14++) just as much.

The paper-thin skin of these smallish potatoes are wonderfully crisp and bloom with the fragrance of rosemary, while sparkling sea salt crystals lend crunch and make salivary glands go into overdrive. Just beneath this tantalising exterior lies a most comforting mealiness. To speed up the journey to carb heaven, there's the potent garlic aioli to smear all over the already glorious potatoes. Now you know why I have never not ordered this when I've dined here.

Insanely good Cappellacci. Made in-house, these al dente pasta dumplings were filled with velvety-smooth sweet corn, and cooked with thyme-roasted mushrooms in a brown butter sage sauce. I am so having a whole plate of this to myself next time.

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