S-11 (Ang Mo Kio 711)

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Established since 1993, S11 takes pride in selecting a good mix of cuisine ranging from appetizers to main course, drinks and snacks for each outlet.

711 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8
Singapore 560711

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From the Burpple community

I just found a gem Mookata in Amk Central. I love eat Mookata they are the few best I ever tried. Staff is very friendly, the food is yummy and very affordable price. I will be back again.

This stall doesn't make any of the usual lists, but has been around for at least 7 years or more.
I like the soft sweet potato cakes with lovely vegetal earthy sweet flavour, the juicy Taiwanese pork sausages with meaty savoury sweet salty flavour, and the crispy prawn cracker fritters with savoury sweet shrimpy notes.
Served with juicy strips of cucumber, whose vegetal sweet flavour help refresh the palate.
Reliable, worth a try if you're in the Ang Mo Kio area.
5 Spice Roll / Wu Xiang Xia Bing
No Name Stall
@ S-11 AMK 711 Food Gathering, 711 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8 #01-3501
Opening Hours: Daily 12pm – 1am
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Fish & Chips was got average serving, include fried fries, coleslaw and canned beans and tartar sauce was not that bad for dipping. The crispness for fish & chips was remain the same standard as the past and not that soggy type. I did knew the shop have changed owner until I checked online in the past.

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the bowl of ingredients were flavourfully incorporated with a mala fragrance that balanced salty and spicy. however, i was disappointed with the kind of noodles they used which were the indomie noodles because they aren’t as thick and curly as maggi noodles which hold alot more flavour and absorb more sauce. hence, this dish was not as satisfying as i would have liked it to be even though its flavour carried potential.

rating: 6.5/10

Trying this mlxg again since the first time was a while back. This popular spot is usually crowded, so it was also a bit stressful picking ingredients cause only one can do it at a time due to their fridge’s sliding door. 🙊 There’s a minimum of $7, but prices here go by weight without a base charge and it’s slightly cheaper in comparison to others. Pretty decent bowl, price was good but it wasn’t as fragrant.

📍e 品红麻辣香锅 Mala Hot Pot

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Koo kee yong tow foo ($4.30)
Soup without noodles or rice

Soup was way too salty. Tastes like there's MSG. YTF were abit oily but tastes okay.