We cook comfort Italian food in a casual-hole-in wall-setting. Our menu is deliberately kept small so we can provide you with quality authentic food at affordable prices.

103 Beach Road
Singapore 189704

12:00pm - 02:00pm
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Ah Bong's Italian (Tan Quee Lan)

Buy 3 Set Lunches and Get 1 Free

1. 1 free set meal with every 3 purchased 2. Cheapest set meal will be complimentary 3. Available only for lunch Mon-Thu (excluding public holidays) 4. Not to be used with other offers 5. Available only until 31st July 2017 6. Flash the Burpple app to enjoy the promotion.

Ah Bong's Italian (Tan Quee Lan)

$12 Weekday Set Lunch

Enjoy a pasta, soft drink and a home-made dessert for only $12. Available on weekdays, 12–2pm, excluding public holidays

Ah Bong's Italian (Tan Quee Lan)

Complimentary Soft Drink

Complimentary soft drink with every purchase of a starter and pasta. Available on weekdays, 6pm-9pm and all day on weekends.

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Crab Aglio Olio

Full of crab meat. Not traditional aglio olio but it's tasty. $21 for home made pasta.

Angus Beef Ragu Pasta ($20)

This is a no brainer. I loved the meaty flavors and it went really well with the home made pasta. It's worth getting the home made pasta. Love the dedication behind every dish served here. Can't wait to be have this again!

Angus Meat Ragu Pasta ($16) 🍝
⭐️ 4/5 ⭐️
🍴Simple yummy pasta with generous servings of pulled beef and pork.

It was flavourful and I really liked the crispy flakes that came with it. Only wish was that maybe some vege was added to the currently carnivorous dish 😂
⚠️ They have $12 weekday lunch sets that comes with pasta, soft drink & home-made dessert which is way more worth it than dinner time so I'll be back for that 👐🏼
[email protected], #01-02, 103 Beach Road, S189704 (near Bugis mrt, exit towards Tan Quee Lan)

Ah Bong's Italian.

Poor man's truffle. I could smell the truffle as the server was bringing this to me. This is how strong the smell was. They have a generous portion of Conchiglie pasta, mushroom pesto and cheese on top. I ordered the $12 lunch set that comes with a drink and a measly brownie. yummy yummy yummy. I also blogged about it here https://tinyurl.com/mylhjkr

Lunch is settled with Ah Bong’s Italian affordable weekday lunch sets.

A penne saved is a penne earned but they sure didn’t scrimp on flavour for their Poor Man’s Truffle Pasta. Served with a generous serving of mushrooms pesto chicken and enhanced with chilli and wine, it had a great earthy aroma (though still nothing like truffle). My lunch companion’s Haebi Aglio Olio was simple and good too with the surprising choice of dou miao in the mix of dried shrimps and wine. And as expected the pastas were well-executed with a firm al-dente texture. To add to the value, you can’t skip dessert and I really love their brownie with that sprinkle of sea salt to boost the sweet-salty-chocolatey combination.

Angus Meat Ragu Pasta ($16 nett)

Hearty, no frills pasta with loads of tender pulled beef and pork. It'd be better if there were veggies like wilted baby tomatoes to cut the meatiness. Would love to try the pesto pasta!

[Burpple Promotion, details inside] Pork and Wonbok Linguine

This would be my new favorite place to go for my Italian meals, it's cheap and good. Don't be fooled by the affordable prices, the food here is as good as many Italian restaurants. I find it to be authentic quality Italian cuisine, and every dish felt like they were made from the heart by Chef-owner Chris.
The new Burpple app features exclusive Burpple promotions with several restaurants. For Ah Bong's Italians, flash your @Burpple app to get a free gelato and soft drink with purchase of starter and main course. The already-value-for-money-and-good Italian food is even more value for money now.
Pictured: Pork and Wonbok Linguine that came with black pork bacon, cabbage, cheese. This was part of my 3 course lunch at $12 nett, hand modelled by Montana's pastry fairy @karinashines.

Non Descript

Back for another lunch set! Pastas for the sets change everyday so there's always something new. That day was my first (and definitely hoping for not last) encounter with this beautiful mentaiko pasta.
Prior to this, my only experience with mentaiko was in mayonnaise which I liked, but it was mostly drowned by the creamy sauce.This pasta however, was generously coated with mentaiko and balanced well with the crunchy cucumber. It was savoury, salty and flavourful and had me slurping every strand with joy. Do take note that it might be too strong tasting for some, but mentaiko fans like me will surely rejoice.
This was such great value especially since mentaiko can be very expensive and they definitely didn't stinge on the ingredient. Yum!!!!

Comfort Eggs

This was so aptly named for I can hardly think of anything more comforting as a starter than two perfectly cooked and runny eggs mixed with (or rather flavoured by) mushrooms and chorizo and finally topped off with cheese. The only thing I can think of that can make this better is a side of well toasted bread to dip into the mixture. Luckily, we had also ordered the Burrata which came with bread so I'm a happy camper!

Angus Meat Ragu Pasta

Affordable lunch sets priced at $12 are on the weekday menu but this meat ragu was sooo worth the +$6 top up.
Pasta was well cooked and firm to the bite, but it was the ragu that made me wanna lick my plate clean at the end of the meal. Balanced with both beef and pork, the meat sauce was not overpowering at all. Instead, it was well balanced savoury goodness coupled with extra tender beef cheeks.
I just had this a couple of days ago, but I'm already dreaming of going back for this again. And of course, to finally get my hands on the highly raved Burrata & the new Truffle Pig Ears.

Crabby Aglio Olio

Generous portion of crab, with lovely crabby juices going with the linguine. Cherry tomatoes & asparagus add color & texture as well. This was $16, well worth the ingredients and quality cooking. The place will do well with a better atmosphere... but I'll definitely come for the food!:)

Bacon Pasta Lunch Set

$12 + $2 top up
Topped up $2 for their homemade drink and as a fan of sour drinks, I really loved the orange homemade drink, which name I'm not so sure of. The pasta and brownie was just average but definitely a filling meal. The lunch set is $12, a main course, a drink and a dessert.

Poor Man's Truffle (Part Of Lunch Set)

Really liked the mushroom and chewy pasta! Rather light in flavour though so do try the meaty angus beef pasta if u want something heavier

Crabby Pasta

Gave this a go but was pretty let down by how hastily my Crab Meat Aglio Olio ($16) was put tgt, giving no texture or flavors in this main that could potentially crab walk its way into my heart. Big, honest portion but would I pay $16 to eat this again? No ☹️️

On The Hunt

It's been a while since I've paid a visit to Ah Bong's Italian, so it's only right for me to sample the newest dish they have to offer. Their new Hunter's Pomodoro ($21 with fresh, house made pasta) certainly made the pilgrimage back worth it.

Coils of fettuccine are coated with a luscious, savory bolognese style tomato sauce that's unarguably loaded with T H I C C chunks of lamb meat and chorizo, and bacon bits sprinkled throughout and served piping hot to anyone fortunate enough experience this excellent plate of pasta.

It was quite gamey, so anyone who has a compelling aversion to gamey flavors would find this plate of pasta quite abhorrent. However, if you're brave enough to play the game, you would enjoy just how utterly hearty the Hunter's Pomodoro is. At its core, it's a savory, meaty and wholesomely hearty pasta. I, for one, found it a tad too salty for my tastes, but I still found myself enjoying Chris' new pasta procreation nonetheless.

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