About Us

What is Burpple?

Burpple is a smart and beautiful way to remember, organize and explore food moments with your friends. Burpple empowers people to remember special dinner dates, share home-cooked creations, explore what’s good in places and organize these great finds. We’re building Burpple to allow you to experience food moments in you and your friends’ lives through pictures past and present. We dream of a world connected through food moments.

What Can You Do With Burpple?

1. Smart Suggestions - Revive your food moments past and present

Smart Suggestions

Simply take a picture or choose an old one and Burpple auto-magically remembers the place, date and even the type of meal you had. You will never forget the details of a delicious meal ever again.

2. Beautiful Journal – Organize your food moments into useful collections

Beautiful Journal

Save your food moments into customizable collection of boxes, a curated view of all your food moments. A box can be created on any theme, such as Special Dinner Dates, Home-Cooked Creations, or Wishlist. This makes it easy for anyone to follow and collect food inspirations based on specific themes.

3. Sharing Made Useful – Fun and purposeful curation

Sharing Made Useful

A ‘reburp’ is saving a food moment to your own box while browsing on Burpple. When you ‘reburp’ a post, the user who first posted the food moment will also get credit. You can also share to Facebook and Twitter with a simple flick.

4. Trusted Opinion – Form meaningful relationships with community you trust

Trusted Opinion

Food is always better with friends. Browse from people and boxes you follow on Burpple. Communicate instantly and receive trusted recommendations on where to go and what to eat, or simply share tips and recipes.