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From the Burpple community

My order came in this big bowl of top-class boiled chicken broth with noodles inside. The broth was thick and rich in flavor. No flour is added as well. The noodles were soft and just the right amount of texture. The secret in achieving this consistency is that the noodles absorb some of the broth thus becoming softer.
The best noodles I have tasted in the 10 days I spent in South Korea. It came with 4 mandus, minced meat, and vegetables.
I ordered the Mandus as well. The basket of 10 Mandus is seriously for sharing. haha. I had a HARD time finishing all 10 by myself. The ones at Myeong Dong Kyoja are made with fresh pork fillings and chives. The Mandus are wrapped in a thin translucent layer of skin, encasing substantial fillings. It is seriously not too bad but I would prefer it to be juicer.

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This is my favourite kimchi ever and it definitely deserves its own post! There’s so much garlic in here it could kill a vampire. I felt so much heat in my mouth from just one bite, but I couldn’t help wanting more. The staff were stingy with their kimchi at first, but after we asked for refills and seeing how much we enjoyed it, they gladly refilled more for us. Although Myeongdong Kyoja is famous for their dumplings, the kimchi is where it’s all at. Make sure you eat the dumpling noodles AND lots of their amazing kimchi.

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Slippery smooth noodles with translucent-skinned dumplings in hot broth is perfect for warming up in winter time. There’s always a queue at Myeongdong Kyoja but I 100% recommend dropping by for their dumplings, kimchi, or kalguksu if you love noodles. Just don’t be weird like some tourists and ask for no meat in any of your dishes because seriously, why are you even here then?

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A cold noodle dish as a contrast to the other warm dishes which was pretty interesting. The server will offer to cut your noodles for you once it’s served, and you can mix the cucumber and noodles with the chilli paste. Mix it well, and dig in! The cold noodles allow the sour and spicy flavours to pop. While I’m not really used to having cold noodle dishes, I can see the draw of such a refreshing dish in the summer time to escape the heat.

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Will the real mandu champs please stand up?

Seriously. No other place makes dumplings like this. This isn’t even like the regular dumplings or mandu in Korea, but rather xiao long bao on steroids. It’s better than ANY XLB I’ve ever had. It’s a wonder how such thin translucent skin is able to hold the precious parcels of minced meat without breaking.

This is a MUST order and MUST visit in Seoul even if there’s a queue or whether you’re about to burst at the seams from too much food. You definitely won’t regret this.

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Oh my, this was very delicious, especially the cold noodles. The dumplings were quite normal I feel, but the cold noodles and knife cut noodles were great! At first bite the cold noodles just tasted erm weird but the more you eat the better it gets. The noodles went well with the soybean broth and I liked how the dish was cold. On the other hand, the knife cut noodles were hearty and would be perfect for winter. It tasted a teeny bit like banmian too woohoo.

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