Service was pretty bad / non-existent, food is average at best and totally not worth the price. It is the only place we've been where green tea is priced at $3 and non-refillable (only found out when we asked for a refill). The only saving grace is their ambience by the jetty. Chill vibes to hang out for a night drink but other than that, save your money for better service and food elsewhere.

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Didn't notice this stall the past few years they were opened but man, they serve pretty good roasted meats! Duck was fragrant and brings with it a tinge or herbal taste while the 烧肉 (roasted pork belly) was very crispy on the crust and meat being tender and juicy. Had a slight queue and might have to wait a little as this stall is a 1 man show. Very good food and humble owner. 👍👍

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Was there for Restaurant Week March 2022 lunch menu. Good food, generous portions, chill vibes - 4 course for $48++. Good value for money.

Loving the Teochew mui here. Located in an unassuming coffeeshop at the void deck of blk 347, this store has been around for decades and is our go to supper spot as its open 24hrs. Had our favourite fish head, shark meat, minced meat and French beans. This coffeeshop also serves good kopi and teh.

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Hawker Fare 🥢 (hidden gem 🤫🤫🤫)

Its quite difficult to find a good hearty bowl of prawn noodles in the heartlands but this is exactly that and up among the best! Broth was cooked till it was bursting with umami flavours with just a tinge of spiciness. Pork ribs were extremely tender as well, falling off the bone as u savour it. Add ons are also available from $1 with lala, abalone slices, pig intestines, pig skin etc. Slight queues are expected especially around meal times but if you're craving for a good bowl of prawn noodles, this will definitely satisfy you for the rest of the week and make your legs go wobbly asking for more!

Big Prawn Noodles $5.50
Pork Ribs Prawn Noodles $6


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1. Original dumplings were nice.
2. Duck meat dumplings alright, creative
3. Sze Chuan dumplings were nice, tasted like 红油抄手

1. Prawn noodles mediocre, not fragrant, just threw in heh bi, as a result the taste was dominated by heh bi, and the fragrance of the other ingredients was covered
2. Mushroom noodles not bad, but no miso taste

1. Pears in the dumplings, accompanied by mysterious tasting ice cream (tasted like honey star cereal). No wow factor, the 2 seemed randomly paired

1. Interesting fusion drinks, but longan drink was disappointing becos I couldn’t accept the taste, still prefer round hard longan in my drink instead of shredded longan
2. Salted plum drink a bit too sour and salted

All in all. If you’re looking for novelty/fusion food, you can check out this place.

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1. Ordered chicken siew mai but not nice. Pork siew mai still nicer
2. 红油抄手 is said to be the Japanese version becos they added carrots, mushrooms, chilli.
Alright I guess, can’t go wrong
3. The crispy shrimp popiah-like thing inside the vermicelli roll is not bad
4. Har gau and XO carrot cake are normal
5. Watercress jelly is not bad

They incorporated a lot of Japanese and unusual elements into their dishes (like wasabi and XO), still prefer the normal authentic Chinese dimsum

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