My preferred choice of a perfect Sunday afternoon. High tea at landing point. Semi casual affair with a wide view of the marina. The three pillars of MBS watching over us.
Served with TWG teas and coffee. It’s an enjoyable noon.

I’ve driven past this place many times. Finally had the opportunity to check out this establishment.
They have an interesting local flavoured coffee menu - such as the ondeh with coffee, as pictured. The mocha I had was average. But overall this is a good spot to relax and people watch at bugis.

Huge plate, half filled. No sides other than a few leafs. Can’t help but feel a bit let down.
This is pretty standard fare.

Take a ride in Hell’s Kitchen host Gordon Ramsey’s renown establishment. The fish and chips are the best I’ve tried, staying true to its focus on doing everyday fare, brilliantly.
No need to worry if you don’t know what to try. Fish and chip it is.

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Surprisingly soft and tender patty for the sandwich. The cheese coating was light and doesn’t grow old as you make your way though the sandwich.
Surprisingly interesting.

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Sun ray cafe is a pet friendly cafe which serves decent fare at affordable pricing. The coffee’s decent.

Collins. Tasty and value for money. Could come back here everyday and not get sick of them.

Frequented almost all the outlets of this mookata shop. I like their marinated pork belly and pork collar. The introduction of buffer menu makes it even more worth it. The bugis branch doesn’t serve the charcoal pot, although the taste is still the same.


When I see this on the menu, my immediate concern is if it’s too oily. The least thing you need is the bun soaking in oil. Because that’s just nasty. It can get overwhelming.

Brunch at refinery. Never been here. Check out the lobster roll. Did you know that in the 18th century America, lobsters were fed to prisoners because they were considered nasty?
Maybe that would explain their high incarceration rate.
Packed with enough lobster.

TLDR: must try.
We’re enthusiastic to discover that PUNCH still serves great coffee and mains that leave much to be desired. Avocado and eggs is just ok. What can I say? It’s consistency.
However, the grilled cheese sandwich may just be the saving grace. After watching “chef”, I’ve been looking for a decent grilled cheese sandwich.
I might have found it.
It goes well with the tomato soup which refreshes your taste buds.
At $11 a set, I was adamant before I tried it as it’s too expensive. Now I’m back for the third time. Lol.