Signature platters highly recommended. Food was good and very worth.

Got the single scoop one for one ice cream with their Pandan waffle. The waffle cost us $6, and a single scoop ice cream cost $3.90 (but we had 2 scoops because it was too 1-for-1).

The waffle had a very fragrant Pandan taste, and it’s recommended!

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Deal is only available for the ala carte doughnut and drink purchased separately. It is not applicable to the drink and doughnut combo that the stall already has.

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Got the mentai don with the Kaisen don with the burpple deal. After ++ was around $39, highly worth as the don was flavourful and they were generous with the fish.


Bought the chicken katsu curry rice, and the fried tempura ebi rice for $11 (with the 1-for-1 deal). I would suggest to have curry go with your rice because it’s good, and it’ll be a little dry without the curry.