If you try the cream on its own the eggy flavours are actually quite strong. You're meant to mix the cream into the coffee and drink them together so the cream wouldn't be too sweet/ overpowering.

The mochi within was chewy!! The hojicha flavours were also pretty evident and great for hojicha fans!

Picked their Black Sesame & Rocher flavours here!
Enjoyed the nutty and strong black sesame flavours, and Rocher quite reminded a little of Ferrero Rocher because of the hazelnut flavours and bits. Waffle was chewy as well which I personally liked, although wouldn't mind the pandan flavours to be even stronger and more fragrant!

@hundredacre.sg has opened their new outlet at @westgatesg with some exclusive items!! 🎉

🌟 Truffle Cheese Waffle ($11) [Westgate Exclusive]
This waffle was made with mozzarella cheese, and topped with truffle oil & maple syrup. We picked the pistachio gelato to pair, which was defo nutty, and I liked that it had mini Pistachio bits within that added texture. The truffle was strong and it actually paired well with the cheese & maple syrup which gave sweet savoury flavours that worked somehow?!

Kvass ($9.80)
Rye bread fermented fizzy drink, a famous street drink in Eastern Europe, which kinda reminded of beer/ wine.

Kompot ($8.50)
(The one with the lemon) Slavic in-house fresh berry drink - low-key reminded of ribena with a mix of some other fruity flavours.

Sadly they ran out of their Medovik (honey cake), so we got this instead, which is a crepe filled with cottage cheese! This was interesting and deceptively filling.

It's actually a National Dish Of Crimean Tatar Cuisine -- which is essentially a fried puff pastry filled with various fillings, & mildly resembles a calzone!
We picked the cheese and white mushroom one here!

Black: black bull (beef)
Green: minty ram (lamb)
Orange: wild hog (pork)
Yellow: Golden Hen (chicken)
Black orange: Siberian 8ights (beef pork)
White + Pink: Salmon
Classic white skin x2: Paneer potato

Really interesting to try these for the first time, and generally their dumplings come with a thicker skin!

Have you heard of/ tried Slavic Cuisine before?! You can expect Russian/ Ukrainian food at @kapitan.sg, which is located at Maxwell Chambers (Tanjong Pagar)!

Zharkoe ($27.90)
Traditional stew with pork meat. Served in a bread bowl, topped with sauteed mushrooms & cheese. Their stew is generally on the drier side, and not as strong in terms of flavours compared to the stews we might be more used to. Really generous with the ingredients tho, and cheese was stretchy too!

Each cuttlefish was pretty thin and crisp, and slightly spicy!

Had some smokey flavours but wouldn't mind it to be even more tender/ melt-in-your-mouth!

A really interesting creation, made with spicy pork ragu, mozzarella, black vinegar reduction.