La zi ji never goes wrong!! I enjoyed the chicken so much though it numbed my tongue. However, the grill fish wasn’t that fantastic. Its okay, the 1-for-1 isnt about the fish anyways!

Arrived on a Sunday noon, at around 2PM and was told the waiting time was 45 minutes when the last order was 245pm. Upon notifying the waitress that we won’t be able to make it for the last order timeframe, she looked at my phone and asked me for the time and then went on to look for seats for us, and we were seated at around 220pm?

We then ordered 2 breakfast and 2 drinks (can’t recall the dishes’s name), but it was quite a bad brunch. One of our breakfast came without the sausage and the waiter only realized after a while, then came back to us and said they forgot about the sausage and took our plate of breakfast back to their kitchen to top up.

For the drinks, my hot chocolate was served warm, and it tasted quite alright. However, the food is something I’d like to comment. The scrambled egg was way too watery, the sausages were salty and really oily, plus the potato wedges was pretty much tasteless. For the price, $27 per breakfast, totally not worth at all. Would not recommend!!!!!