I LOVE KUEH!! if i recall correctly the green is pandan and the brown is gula melaka. super affordable and yummy w coconut flakes 😍😍

did not expect a coffee place to have good bingsu but this was so good! might be one of the best ones i’ve tried - the bingsu had a generous serving of azuku beans, almond flakes, and there was a thick layer of match ice cream at the bottom as well as a scoop on top! 🍵😋

also had a hot americano ($5) along with it — higher quality than most coffee chain stores with a robust flavour! goes really well w the bingsu :)

my bf who loves duck rice loves this! and it’s really pretty nice it reminds me of my childhood when i had duck rice v often in my primary school canteen :”) seriously nostalgic HAHAHA it was just OK to me though, it didn’t convert me into a duck rice fan

believed it was $10.90/$11.90 for student meal!

love that there’s beef, diff mushrooms, veg & egg in the hotpot 👅 the broth is originally sweet which i’m not a fan of but the spicy sauce makes it more spicy!

portion was q smol but for the price i’m not complaining :-)

got 2 scoops to share w a friend: hazelnut & brown butter sage. hazelnut was super good! brown butter sage was a bit strange...idk they prolly have WAY better flavours!! like sea salt gula melaka 👀👀 honestly not the best ice cream i’ve tried la tbh

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first time trying guzman! i see the hype now!

ordered the burrito bowl which came with rice, black beans, salsa, grilled chicken and chips, also added guacamole (+$2) which was a generous scoop :-) reminds me a bit of stuff’d actually, but u can sit down and eat w friends hehe

also i stole my friend’s fries which were SO GOOD and thicc HAHA

located near arab street, the dim sum place serves rly gud halal dim sum at affordable prices @ $5.90-$9.90 per 笼 (basket)

fav dishes were the spinach prawn dumpling & siew mai;;; duck chee cheong fun & liu sha bao was OK, skip the duck char siew bao

sorry for the framing heh came to practice my photography and test out my camera for the first time LOL. the chocolate here tastes really special — rly had super strong notes of wine and it’s not rlly up my alley hahaha an acquired taste

consists of salad leaves, cherry tomato, candied walnuts, cranberries, pine nuts, avocado and bacon bits. yummy but it’s q pricey for $15~ nothing special

didn’t disappoint! :”) think it was ~$15 iirc!

love how cozy this cafe is! and how friendly the staff is heh

omggggggggggGGG the filling is SOOO THICC AND GOOD and wah idk look at the photo for YOURSELF i can’t believe i live in clementi and only just realised this store existed

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for $8.90, this student meal is super worth for it’s portion HAHA i think it’s the most filling out of everything

my bf got the beef don student meal ($8.90) and the portion was pathetic pls don’t order it...@ watami if u r seeing this pls up your game it was rly q laughable

for side dishes we ordered kaarage and salmon maki. kaarage was pretty lame and flavourless, salmon maki was good