The Wagyu is briefly seared by the chef and then placed over the uni and sushi.

The combination was melt in the mouth and oh sooo good!

I could eat a second and a third!

Step away Krispy Kreme. For someone who never liked doughnuts, these artisanal brioche filled bombs were AMAZING!!!

Went back 2 days in a row because it just wasn’t enough!

Must try:
Creme brûlée
Banana Cream
Peanut Butter Jam
Pistachio Ganache

Love 😍😋 all!!!

Good lobster roll! Go for original lobster roll instead. The unit and caviar just did not make the roll stand out more than it already was on its own.

1.5 lb lobster was good option for those who want to get their hand busy with flesh extraction.

Will be back!

Not only was the food a feast for the eyes, so was the chef! Lol

Ok, seriously, each of the dishes was perfectly executed, great flavors, beautiful plating.

Service was impeccable!

Enjoyed the meal totally and will definitely be back!

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I must say this cup is quite different from what the rest of the tea shops has. The pearls are softer and the brown sugar complements the fresh milk in a caramelised sweetness.