Kaya to many people holds many memories as we ate this with toast growing up. What's better than to incorporate this nostalgic element into this western dish. IMO, their version of the kaya cream sauce has a smooth texture, is creamy and rich tasting. It's totally not cloying too. We enjoyed it a lot with the pancake stack.
Thanks, @esth3r_esth3r for the invite and Tim @cheeky_allday for hosting and servings us good food!


The cake itself is so melt-in-the-mouth soft with an oozy cheesy layer in between and the top part having a burnt crusty layer. Love how contrasting this is but so yummy at the same time. You can find this at The Kins’ Specialty Coffee which is located near to Pasir Panjang MRT.


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Although it is not like the ones you eat in the physical stall in Japan, this shall suffice. Shrimp wonton and white button mushroom not included. 😛😝😜🍜

There's a generous amount of crab meat inside and also red onions and coriander. The glorious scrambled egg came with toasted sourdough bread which was sourced by the owner. Very palatable and not spicy at all. Although this was a side dish, I personally feel that this could a main dish instead of as I think I could finish this up all by myself.
Thanks, @esth3r_esth3r for the invite and Tim @cheeky_allday for hosting and servings us good food!

The Bak Kut Teh boasts a much more robust herbal flavour which wasn't to my liking, unfortunately. They are also famous for their fish here hence we ordered a poached red snapper. The fish was sourced from Pontian daily. The fish was drenched in their savoury sauce and was smothered with fried garlic and chopped spring onions. Fresh, juicy and meaty.

Love the thicker curlier Ramen noodles and this comes with a sachet of real cheese for you to add for a real cheesy broth. YUM!!!