Dim Sum, Cheap & Good, Chinese You Dim Sum, You Lose Sum This list is going to be about Authentic Chinese food that I can find in Malaysia. It can be Halal or No Pork or Lard is served kind of a restaurant but it could also be a restaurant that they do serve pork but I just choose not to eat them. Chinese cuisine has its own uniqueness and attractions. They are flavorful and colorful as well.
Hot Pot, Seafood, Good For Groups I Came, I Saw, I Fished This list is specialized in seafood cuisine and seafood dishes! It is never easy to find good reasonable price seafood cuisine and I am here willing to try out for everyone and review about them! Hopefully this list will become handy to someone, one day 🤗
Local Delight, Halal, Cheap & Good Shah Alam Lovin' Shah Alam is well known for mostly Malay-centric area which provide tastful comforting halal food! This list goes to the halal eaters and also non-halal, it does not matter as long as they are good food 🎉
Halal, Travel, Local Delight Adventures In Singapore This is a list of food I have explored in Singapore. Singapore is a unique country with multiple cultures and amazing attractions. Food exploring here can be difficult as I am a Muslim and expensive because the currency is higher than Malaysia but that did not stop me from wanting to explore it 👌🏻