[Weekend colapranzo buffet] Not a big fan of panna cotta but I must say this was pretty good! Consistency was just right, very smooth and almost melts in your mouth 😋

[Weekend colapranzo buffet] One of the few times when choc really FLOWS out upon slicing a choc lava cake. The chocolate was really good we had two portions of this even though we were already stuffed at this point. This is a must-try!

[Weekend colapranzo buffet] Dessert portions were pretty big considering it was a buffet. Not the best tiramisu I’ve had but was really decent. Not overly moist and had a good cream-sponge ratio 👍🏼 Alcohol could be stronger.

[Weekend colapranzo buffet] Was amazed by the appetizers - all rly delicious! Nv tasted anything like the spinach flan before, had a silky smooth texture, drowned in cheese fondue. Burrata looked dry but was creamy and the seared tuna salad was so refreshing.

[Weekend colapranzo buffet] This was one of the selections from the Mains section in the buffet! Portions are sizable and even the mains were free-flow. Fresh and flaky fish, though the skin could be crispier.

These are cakes that not only look good but taste rly good too ☺️ milk cake was super soft and moist, so was the rvv. Cakes here are on the sweeter slight but I rly dont mind bc all the flavours still stood out well! Foresee myself coming back to try other cakes 🍰

Yummy pizza! But we felt that it could be slightly thicker to balance out the saltiness. Nonetheless the dough had a gd bite and crust that was slightly crisp, prawns were fresh and succulent 👍🏼

This was my favourite dish of the night! Ravioli was al dente, loved the truffle butter sauce ☺️ was quite a good portion for a ravioli dish too!

Had some lobster chunks inside and the lobster bisque tasted stronger than the cheese. I personally prefer a m&c w stronger cheese flavour, but my friend enjoyed it!

Ceviche was a tad fishy to my liking but still not bad. Not a big fan of 🍤 but the shrimps were rly gd!! Raviole is always a must-order for me but they do have a problem w their consistency for this dish.

Loved the texture of the soft serve as it was a good balance between creamy and icy. But the matcha flavour could be stronger. Nama chocolate was disappointing, reminded me of milk candy which was strange.

Come here and all your sugary cravings will be satisfied! Their strengths definitely lie in the cheesecakes and fudge crumbles(rich yet not too dense, flavours on point). On all occasions when I tried their layered cream cakes they were pretty disappointing; either dry or poor quality cream used. Highly recommend the cheesecakes!