Chinese, Hawker/Kopitiam Hawker Fares (Fried Hokkien Mee Slurps) More popular dishes in the hawker scenes are such as the all-time favourite Fried Hokkien Mee!
Dessert, Hawker/Kopitiam Hawker Hip Desserts Who said desserts can only appear in a shop space of its own? Now you have dessert places opening up in hawker centres too!
Western, Cafe, Korean Fried Chicken WFC (Worldwide Fried Chicken) You have Korean Fried Chicken, American Fried Chicken, etc. All the fried chickens in one place.
Local Delight, Chinese Restaurants (Chinese Edition) Our local delights, presented in a different style!
Chinese, Hawker/Kopitiam Hawker Fares (Curry Rice Cutting) Another alternative to mixed vegetables rice because it also allows you to mix and match, curry rice is also a popular dish in the hawker scene!
Western, Cafe Cafe (Non-Coffee Latte Art) You'll still want the latte art in your drink!