I think it's really nice chocolaty and chewy. And its gluten free free so it's pretty good. I am not on a gluten free diet so I can't make comparisons with other baked good. But it think this brownie does taste quite nice. Although i must admit it's rather expensive at 7plus considering its size.


It's alright lah. Abit like a light cream cheese cake except it has some chocolate taste. It's not so bad but it's really not that great.

I don't really think its that tasty. I love fake crabstick. But this pie is stuffed with loads more potatoes than the imitation crab meat. They should name it the potatoes chilli crab sauce pie. By chilli sauce it's more a muted tomato based type of sauce. I rather stick to their mushroom cheese pie.

I think the high tea experience is average because I have mixed feelings about the foods . I enjoyed the baked goods such as the quiches , the scones,the lemon tarts and the fragrant teas. But I find the sweets offerings such as the cheese cakes,macaroons and cakes average. The view is pretty scenic. This high tea seems to have its fans and this is my first high tea experience so I might be wrong but I think it's abit meh.

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This is probably a limited edition spring dish. It's a wagyu beef with Brussels sprouts set. It think it's ok. Taste wish it's delicious. I would love a cut of beef with more meat less fats but I think that's too much to ask since it's already wagyu. Anything more it might be quite expensive and probably in a specialty beef restaurant.

Tried the seafood okonomiyaki. It's soft and tasty. They are quite generous with the about if squid slices in my opinion. So far I enjoyed this dish.

Had the tamago and the garlic rice. I love the taste of the garlic rice. Very strong and flavourful.

I think this alot. I think they only have 4 prawns but the noodles is so garlicy and flavourful. Not too sure about the msg amount but it tastes nice. I will order again. The chicken chop is also nice. The meat is well marinated. I am typin here as I have forgotten to take a pic of it.

Not too bad. Sauce is creamy and nice. Although it can get abit heavy towards the end

Haha look at this cute latte art. This tastes like the normal cuppacino but the art is so adorable. I will order.

It's average in taste but portions are quite ok and they also have some green salads at the sides

The sauce could do with a stronger Curry flavour but the chicken cutlet on top is nice and crispy