Spicy at the right level but do not like the plentiful peppercorns that are mixed inside. Not juicy enough.

Skin is not those traditional thick kind, but rather thin and stretchy. Would prefer if the prawn is crunchier.

This is an interesting dish and the combination is flavourfully unique. The middle ingredient is Mang Kuang. It will taste even better if the sauce is slightly more diluted.

Not the best food. Skin is uneven with each bite. Yuzu cover up the char siew taste and it was not a good combination. Nothing unique or interesting enough to forgo the traditional bao.

Hong kong congee. Some may find that it tastes bland but I was alright with it after mixing in the condiments. Fish was fresh.

Way too sweet for my liking. The exterior taste caramelized, meat is not that tender and there isnt a good proportion of fats to meat.

There is a lack of taste and flavour in the soup. Dish is covered up by the strong taste of parsley. Seafood is not extremely fresh and portion is small.

The yuan yang is weird with a strong citrus taste of coffee. Not worth the money at all.

Crust has a very strong buttery taste. Not to my liking. Surface of egg tart slightly dry.

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This lor mee stall is located at level 2 at Tanjong Pagar Market (1 and only stall). Their gravy is (just nice) thick and filled with flavorful. Noodle cooked just nice. They are also very generous with their ingredients!

$38++ per pax, includes tea or coffee. Top up $5++ for free flow coffee and tea or $12++ for Sangria.

Savouries were okay but the fried items were cold. The sweets weren't to my liking. Overall for the price and quality, do not think its worth it.

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