London Livin' (£8 and Below Edition)
Others, Bread, European London Livin' (£8 and Below Edition) 3.5 months in the Land of the English. This is a set apart list, apt for an exchange student whom should be on a Budget (rightly). To keep things simple, everything ranging from desserts or mains or snacks will go in this list so long as it fulfils the condition of being £8 and below 😊
London Livin'
Others, Bread, European London Livin' 3.5 months in the Land of the English. Time to brush up my English or maybe at least pass exchange school as I feast the British way? 😬
Burpple Tastemaker Meet Up
Burpple Tastemaker Meet Up Hanging out with the #foreverhungry community
Healthy... Wealthy? 😋😋
Salads, Healthy Healthy... Wealthy? 😋😋 Salads and all the perceived as healthy in my world bahaha
Beach Getaway In The +66
Thai, Travel, Others Beach Getaway In The +66 The sunny sandy Asian country (??) first time in Phuket and Krabi, but no stranger to Thai food! Simply cannot get enough of the spicy, tangy, aromatic Thai flavors... I am so happy to be Asian #lulz
Travel, Others #justbali Because I can't think of anything but a hike, hopefully nice beaches, a thrilling water park and a lot of good looking food at price tags, unimaginable in SG.
Merry Meal(s) In Malaysia
Travel, Local Delights Merry Meal(s) In Malaysia Search for good food across the border! Food trail in Malaysia here we come (-:
Win Sum Dim Sum
Dim Sum, Chinese Win Sum Dim Sum Chinese Dim Sum anything any day (-: #chinesepride