9 Bras Basah Road
#01-01 Rendezvous Hotel
Singapore 189559

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10:00am - 11:00pm

10:00am - 11:00pm

10:00am - 11:00pm

10:00am - 11:00pm

10:00am - 11:00pm

10:00am - 11:00pm

10:00am - 11:00pm

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From the Burpple community

We ate there a few times during the 1-1 period before it changes to 30%.

We did not make reservations but the guy was ok for us to wait indoors.

Service was fast even tho you can see there are short staffed. The young guy (owner) was funny and friendly. He was at our table making conversations, telling us jokes and pouring us drinks. Constantly refilling our cups when it’s empty.

Tissues were provided on every table. And the counter was manned by the staff since we can’t take the food ourselves yet. Sometimes, waiting for a few minutes for the staff to help you take food won’t kill you because they are short staffed.

Food were constant refilled too. I like how they have different varieties of tteok. The tteok were nice and chewy. For the price paid during the 1-1 they even include some seafood and different type of meats + fried side dishes and unlimited fish cakes and ramen noodles. Of course it is common sense to take only what you can eat and not waste food. You don’t need people to remind you of this simple thing 🙃

Lastly, don’t eat too full. Because there’s still the fried rice made from the leftover soup and ingredients you have from your hotpot.

First time coming here but bad experience. Staff did not even inform us about food wastage prior. Poor service, food was so so. Unhygienic as we were told to reuse the bowls for picking our food items. No tissue was provided. Generally an unpleasant experience for first timers. Do not recommend.

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To be honest, price performance ratio of buffet was reasonable i.e. despite most food offerings being processed food example luncheon meat, cheese tofu etc, taste of buffet was reasonable.

However, the service rendered by a young guy, (presumingly the owner) as he was wearing short bermudas, was rude, arrogant and aggressive. He shouted at us when we were queuing outside patiently waiting for a seat to hold on as we did not have reservations.

When we were allowed in, there was no staff manning the buffet station as well and numerous customers had to wait for a long period of time before someone served them (no self-service was allowed)

Kitchen also completely forgotten that we had ordered a baked cheese ring to go with the buffet. This was only served 30 minutes upon prompting the waitress

For the uninitiated, the good reviews are mainly bcos the restaurant offered a free ice cream / bingsu for customers who “like” their facebook page and provide a review on either Facebook or Google.

Highly NOT recommended.


Chanced upon 90 Minutes while scrolling through Burpple Beyond deals & was intrigued by their Korean Hotpot concept.

At $23.90++ per pax, you get a choice of soup base, and unlimited servings of soft drinks (which comes by the tumbler) as well as a variety of cooked & uncooked ingredients. Cooked items includes items such as tofu oden (which is really rare), mandu (Korean dumplings), fried seaweed wrapped Korean glass noodles-just to name a few. We went with 90 mins The Best combination, which is a mixture of their homemade, gungjung & volcano sauce; giving you that spicy kick with every spoonful.

For the hotpot ingredients, you've got your usual suspects of vegetables, shrooms, ramyeon, glass noodles and meats (chicken & pork). There will be a staff present to assist with the picking of items & there is a wastage fee of $5 per 100g.

Once your meal is done & you're down to a lil' bit of soup, you also get a portion of rice, seaweed, corn & kimchi which is fried on the spot with the remaining soup; kinda like a kimchi fried rice.

This satisfying meal was available as 1 for 1 for the month of Jun & Jul, so quickly redeem it if you're on beyond. Otherwise, the usual deals of 30% off your tots bill is still available.

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📍90 minutes (dhoby ghaut/bencoolen) @90minutes.sg

Adult Weekday Lunch Buffet ($15.90++)

Appetisers - Deep Fried Snacks Twigim (튀김)
The twigim was cooked a nice golden colour and were perfectly crispy on the outside without being overly greasy. We got fried chicken wings, Gimmari (crispy seaweed wrapped around glass noodles), fried sweet potato and fried mandu! We highly recommend the gimmari 김말이, a popular korean street food snack thats crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside.
Korean Hotpot - Assorted Tteok
We went with the Classic soup base were pleasantly surprised when the soup turned out on the sweeter side! Those looking for a spicier soup can go for “The Best” or “The Bomb” where they add volcano sauce 🌋 or even try your hand at making your own sauce combi! We were delighted by the spread of foods we could add into our hotpot! The vegetable selection was quite good with your standard greens. Those looking for tteokbokki will surely not be disappointed as they have your classic long tteok as well as cheese-filled, sweet potato tteok and fun shaped tteok! Our personal favourites were the cheese and sweet potato ones as the fillings would ooze out once boiling in the broth. There was also eomuk (fishcake) on stick which really reminded us of the cold winter days in korea when we would huddle under food trucks and fill up on fish cake soup and skewers 🍢
Kimchi Fried Rice
Stuffed from the hotpot, we requested for a smaller portion of rice. We made sure to pile on some pork collar and wangbok greens to add more flavour to the mixture! A generous amount of seaweed, luncheon meat, sweet corn and kimchi were tossed into the pot along with rice and the staff would fry up some delicious Korean fried rice right in front of you!
Taste: 4.5/5
Stonks: 4.5/5
Overall: 4.5/5
We came here on a weekday lunch and the restaurant wasn’t too crowded! :D We really enjoyed our meal at 90minutes as the food was great and definitely value for money and the staff were friendly and attentive! We highly recommend leaving some space for the fried rice meal and saving some meat for that as well! It was really a great way to end our meal and we were so satisfied!! Will definitely be paying a visit to 90 minutes again for the hearty, value-for-money korean hotpot that they provide!

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What do you normally do when you’re done with your hotpot? Turn it off, loosen your belt one last time and let out a legendary belch that can be heard around the world, right? Not at @90minutes.sg! Here, you finish your hotpot by frying rice in the same broth that you were previously using to cook all your meats & veg.⠀

The broth has been fortified by the flavours of everything you’ve been cooking in the pot, and all of that flavour is suffused into the rice, corn & seaweed. There’s no egg added into this rice, and it’s really just a fried rice. However, remember when I said that the cheese & corn was a surprise tool that would help us later? Well, the time is now.⠀

After the waitstaff is done frying up your rice, quickly dump all that cheese corn into the rice while it’s screaming hot for a sexy, stretchy & sumptuous carb & cheese laden end to your little pot session. Rice is nice, but with cheese it’s sure to please.⠀

Kamsahamnida for hosting us, @90minutes.sg & @burpple!