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From the Burpple community

Came here for the ice cream but stayed for their seasonal waffle! Loving 2nd Serving: Artisan Gelato & Tea’s Fudgy Mochi Waffle ($7.50), I thoroughly enjoyed the decadent chocolatey flavour. Though a little cloying towards the end, the batter was not that dense - a great balance of crisp and soft. The chewy bites of mochi scattered in the mix were also fun and delightful. Quite the greedy pair, my friend and I got 3 premium flavours to share (thanks Burpple Beyond Deal); Pu Er, Banana Honey Roasted Nuts, and Roasted Pistachio. All decent and competent, the flavours of the gelato were fairly distinct ($4.50/single scoop, $8/ double scoop, +$1 for premium flavors). The classic Pistachio was sufficiently nutty and didn’t taste all that milky. The Pu Er was earthy and not cloying. My favourite was the Banana Honey Roasted Nuts, though it is the sweetest of the three, it tasted like banana puree (very strong yet natural in flavour) with a good crunch from the studded nuts.

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Was quite pricey even with burpple. Paid ~ $18 for this. We had the pu er, pistachio, hojicha and earl grey. Need to top up $1 for each premium flavour (pu er & pistachio) but actually preferred the non premium ones. Found the waffle & pistachio a bit too sweet. Serving size was very small. The scoop of Ice cream was hollow in the centre… Won’t bother going back

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Quite sweet and also the scoop could be slightly bigger for that price.

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Hidden within the quiet estate lies 2nd Serving, which is known to serve mochi waffles! Didn't managed to try the waffles today but tried a variety of ice cream flavours!

The Yuzu flavour was actually not too tangy yet citrusy and it wasn't too sweet too! Very refreshing for a hot weather.

The Lychee flavour was actually the best among all, due to its non perfume-y flavour and yet not too sweet. Very light tasting and definitely very refreshing!

The Banana Roasted Nuts was alright as well, as the banana flavours did not come out too strong and the nuts within were fresh!

Yogurt Biscoff was interesting, as the yogurt flavours cut the sweetness of Biscoff quite abit. Wished that they added lotus biscuit bits too!

The scoops of ice cream were between $4.50 and $5.50 each and they were available 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond 😍 will be back to try their mochi waffles!!

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OKAAAYY. i want 2 say first that it is indeed worth the hype n if u are considering, just go.

i honestly didnt know what to expect bc this is my first time eating a mochi waffle but i am mindblown eh. this combination is RLLLLY good and my fav 2 things in one 😍. so may be biased HHAHA but no okay its rly good. the crispiness of the waffle n the fragrant chocolate taste 🥲🥲 i wna go eat again.... mochi was chewy, but tbh wld prefer if there was more though but still good.

one thing tho, we were suuuper thirsty aft eating cos it was so chocolatey but i saw frm the other review that they serve free water we did not know 😔 wld suggest bringing ur own water jic

ice cream. mum ordered pistachio, q surprised it was q nice idk why HHAHA. tasted like the normal pistachio though, but was fragrant! my mum liked it (pistachio fan...) i got the lychee smth one and its p basic cos i didnt rly want the other flavours (i feel like the choice was q limited actually) so yeah...but yum it was p good, def a refreshing choice paired w chocolate

Had the Fudgy Mochi Waffle ($7) with Mango Yuzu Sorbet and Pistachio (1-for-1 at $4.50, +$1 for Pistachio as it is a Premium flavour). Majority of the flavours are Premium. Aside from the main display, there was a side display where they housed 3 other flavours (Pu Er, Hojicha and Earl Grey) which I only noticed on the way out. Was slightly disappointed as I would have liked to try any of those 3 flavours more than the ones in the main display. Do look out for it if you are headed there!

If any of you, like I, are assuming that it is a charcoal waffle because of its colour, do note that it is actually a chocolate waffle. Taste wise, it reminds me of a brownie and it is cloyingly sweet. The chocolate taste was also rather overpowering. The mochi pieces are scattered in the batter (not integrated) and are also sweet and on the sticky side. The waffle also came with a topping of caramel nibs, which added a layer of crunch, but also another layer of sweetness which was no longer welcome.

The Pistachio is sweet and rather one dimensional; it does not have the depth of flavour I would expect from Pistachio. After a few mouthfuls, all I could taste was sweetness rather than the flavour of Pistachio. (This might have been exacerbated by the waffle.) The Mango Yuzu Sorbet was a saving grace due to the sourness from the Yuzu which really cut through all the sweetness and made the waffle easier to eat. However, when eaten on its own, there was still a level of sweetness to it which made it difficult to finish.

Would not recommend what I had.