Modern Tze Char restaurant and bar. Relive 1850s Duxton through mouthfuls of comfort food laced with a fresh twist that one might vaguely tern as Modern Asian Cuisine.
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6 Duxton Hill
Singapore 089592

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Xiao Ya Tou

Love the oriental outlook if this place and its interesting fusiom food. We had XYT hokkien noodles, braised wagyu beef rice and brussel sprouts soaked in chilli jam. 7/10 experience!

Lu Rou Fan $13

A beloved Taiwanese classic gets an upgrade with saucy braised wagyu mince, runny poached egg, shredded seaweed, pickles and scallions. Everythings works well together, but with the proliferation of excellent wagyu rice bowls out there, Xiao Ya Tou's is going to need more to stand out from the crowd.


Taste: 3/5

Date night with @kevin_the_hiak entails this πŸ‘† yummy {XYT Hokkien Mee} and a stroll along the Haji lane later.

Oh, how you spoil me.

Fantasies aside 😁 ~ this dish is devilishly good. Summed up with a good hand of pork broth perforating every bite accompanied with smidgens of wok-charred flavor in the generous amount of scrambled eggs incorporated. Pork lard move aside as smoked pancetta steps it up a notch on the satiety level. Too good and a definite must-order for dinner at

Spicy Brussels Sprouts [$14]

The must-order for me if you’re here for their dinner menu! Aligning with its modern Asian themed cuisine, the brussels sprouts are served with minced chicken, chye po and chilli jam. It was probably the most humble looking dish but packed with flavour - a playful tangy mix of sweetness, earthiness and slight spiciness, all with the crunch from the sprouts.

xyt hokkien mee ($16) @ xiao ya tou

from the folks who brought you symmetry, xyt's rendition of hokkien mee is heavily wok charred and #modsin with smoked pancetta. whopping $16 a plate but portion is good enough for 2 to share. plus you have a bar. sold!
a @burpple invite and hosted by

One of the two desserts in this mod-sin restaurant: I didn't quite know what to make of the Pineapple Shortcake ($7) from the description on the menu, but it turned out to be a pretty satisfying creation that could be likened to a twist on our favourite CNY goodie: pineapple tarts.

Honey ice cream was sandwiched between two slices of shortcake, which was delightfully crumbly and balanced out the sweetness of the pineapple compote, finished off with a tangy citrus curd. Many thanks to for the generous hospitality, and @burpple for the invite! #burpple #burppletastemaker

XYT Lu Rou Fan [$13]

Not sure about the taste because I don't take beef, but here's Xiao Ya Tou's Braised Wagyu Beef on Rice, paired with poached egg, pickles, shredded seaweed and scallions.

Twice-cooked Angus Short Ribs [$36]

XYT's Twice-cooked Angus Short Ribs are served with smashed cucumber and sesame butter. I don't take beef so I can't comment on the taste, but it sure looked like one of the popular dishes of the night!

Found my new fave hipster eatery 小丫倴...

look at that beautiful Unagi eggs benedict! Everything we ordered was fantastic. Will definitely be back to try their milo 恐龙 cocktail.πŸ˜‹ #Burpple

Twice-cooked Angus Short Ribs ($36)

Sous-vide for more than 30h, each slice was cooked perfectly, tender and the flavours of spices a party in the mouth! I like it well enough on its own but do try it with the smashed cucumbers and sesame butter!

XYT Lu Rou Fan.

Instead of the typical Taiwan style with braised pork belly and braised hard boil eggs. They do it with braised wagyu beef, poached eggs, seaweed and pickles! So tasty!! 🍴

Thank you @burpple for the invite and for hosting us!

#burpple #xiaoyatou #luroufan #braisedrice

The Twice-cooked Angus Short Ribs ($36) is one of the star items at, and it's easy to see why!

The beef was sous vide till a beautiful texture, and had a delicious aroma which we could smell once it was placed on the table. Many thanks to @burpple for the invite & for the generous hospitality! #burpple #burppletastemaker #modsin

Spicy Brussel Sprouts ($14)

Some hits and misses here but this seemingly unassuming dish of Spicy Brussel Sprouts ($14) was one of my favorites of the night. Hardly ever eat these greens but thought it was cooked just right. Lightly caramelised, bringing out the natural sweetness of brussel sprouts in addition to the flavorful combination of minced chicken and chye poh, and chili jam for that mild spicy kick with a light crisp texture without any signs of mushiness.

Insane spread from last night's #modsin dinner over at together with my fellow #BurppleTastemakers!

Top favorites includes the Twice-Cooked Short Ribs, 5-Spice Duck, Cock Wings & Crispy Otak Otak! 🀀

Thank you @burpple for inviting us & the team at for hosting us!

Still don't know where to go for Friday night?

Xiao ya tou at duxton hill has amazing sharing plates and bar bites together with their extensive alcohol menu that ranges from hibiki to quirky cocktails!
The amazing spread of modern fusion cuisine we had last night! And yes that is hokkien mee you see in the centre fried with smoked porcetta πŸ˜‹. The angus beef shortribs with smashed cucumbers and sesame sauce(bottom left) was amazingly tender and flavorful. Another must order is the spicy Brussels sprouts! With minced chicken, Chye pop and chilli jam! It's what you would order when you are cheating yourself to eat clean. 😜🀀🀀 🍴
Thanks @burpple for the invite and for hosting! 🍴
#burpple #modernfusion #modsin #TGIF #xiaoyatou

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