One of Korea’s hottest restaurants, Vatos Urban Tacos, has come to Singapore. Influenced by Mexican street tacos in Los Angeles and home-cooked Korean meals, the menu consists of creations like the Kimchi Carnitas Fries, Galbi Tacos, and Spicy Chicken Quesadillas. Vatos Urban Tacos has since garnered praise for providing exciting new tastes using only the freshest ingredients. CNN named Vatos the “Hottest New Restaurant in Seoul,” and The Daily Meal chose Vatos as one of the “10 Best American Restaurants Outside of the States”. Vatos Singapore is located in the beautiful former National Armoury Building in South Beach and can seat up to 80 people indoors and another 30 people outdoors.

36 Beach Road
Singapore 189766

12:00pm - 11:00pm

12:00pm - 12:00pm

12:00pm - 12:00pm

12:00pm - 11:00pm

12:00pm - 11:00pm

12:00pm - 11:00pm

12:00pm - 11:00pm



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Spicy Chicken Tacos

The tacos are great, though abit small and. pricey (3 for $15). The tortillas are soft, warm and thin, and the ingredients are pretty generous and delicious. The combination is very tasty and reminds me of the good American tacquerias. However I felt the fusion Kimchi Carnitas fries are abit overrated. Kimchi and fries... Nah.

Baja Fish

Never get sick with tacos! Had a classic baja fish taco. Tasted alright. Fish is fresh.
But... I still love the pork belly taco though.

Had the honey tequila chicken wing too! It was awesome! Didn't managed to snap a photo of it. Sweet, flavourful and juicy meat!

Will continue to visit there for other selection of tacos and nachos!

Light & Easy

Holgate Norton Lager ($14++) on tap; the only non-American Beer from their craft beer list... It's from Australia! It's the lightest craft beer they have; easy to go down, slightly fragrant. I like it!

One thing though-- the chips served were super lao hong & cold. Pretty gross..... I mean, even though it's free..... Have some standard leh.

[New] Korean-Mexican chain from Seoul is right here in Singapore!

Pictured is their Honey Tequila Chicken Wings ($18++) which had a good blend of sweetness and spiciness, and went well with the light Mexican blue cheese dip. We also tried their Kimchi Carnitas Fries ($18++) and Baja Fish Tacos ($11++). Check out the full review at! ••• Writer / Video talent: @hotcheekylace
Videographer: @donnnut

Tacos, Tortillas And A Unique Cocktail+Beer Combo

GF has been craving for Mexican food for while so we decided to go for Mexican Tacos at Vatos! We ordered 3 Amigos as starter which consists of Tortilla chips with Pics de gallo, Guacamole and Salsa ($12) for sharing. It's a little too much for both us, but it should be fitting for sharing with a group of 4.

For the mains, we ordered Barbacoa Tacos and Chimichurri Tacos (3 for $15). I personally liked the Chumichurri Tacos for its sour-spicy accent from the salsa and it goes really well with the chicken. The Barbacoa was also really good and it has a stronger spiciness from their signature Vatos hot sauce.

Finally we shared a Gold Digger, one of their unique cocktail+beer combo, ($29) since it's really interesting to see the beer hanging off a clip while filling up the cup as you drink.

[Latest Blog Post] Vatos Urban Tacos - For a Ko-Mex Cuisine You Cannot Resist!

Featuring Galbi Short Rib "Urban" Tacos ($18 for 3). Tender and flavourful short ribs among crunchy slaw. 😁👍🏻 @vatossg ————————————————————————
Find out more or

Urban Tacos

Can't go wrong with soft homemade tacos packed to the brim, I particularly enjoyed the chimichurri chicken (14$ for 3) and slow braised spicy Barbacoa pork (14$ for 3)! Super reasonably priced comfort food

Tacos - perfect (messy) finger food for sharing with your favourite pals.

This place is a stone's throw from my office, first time here, all abuzz on a Friday evening! Pretty decent food, hipster vibes 😎😎😎 My personal favs. were the Braised Carnitas (juicy, slow-braised pork shoulder) and Chimichurri Chicken (spicy chicken with sweet and tangy salsa, sour cream and Mexican cheese) tacos 😍😍😍 Order the Vatos Cowboy Queso (Tortilla chips with a mini hotstone pot of cheesy dip) when you're there.. that was a winner at our table too!!

Baja Fish Urban Tacos • S$11/15++ for 2/3 Tacos

Let's taco 'bout awesome tacos! 🌮🌮🌮

One of my favourite dishes at Vatos Urban Tacos is its signature Baja Fish (S$11++ for 2 and S$15++ for 3) urban tacos.

Despite all the flavoursome toppings such as spicy chipotle mayo, pico de gallo salsa and apple coleslaw, the beer battered coat of the fish retains its structural integrity giving you that awesome mouthfeel hoppy grit with each bite. #Burpproved! #BurppleMessyEats

For Irresistibly Bold Kimchi Fries

Picture this: A basket of regular, shoestring fries that hold a hidden centre of tender braised pork. Add to that a heaping pile of cabbage kimchi and generous amounts of melted cheese, sour cream, hot sauce and cilantro, and you've got an irresistibly tasty beast — we mean, dish. These bold flavours in the Kimchi Carnitas Fries ($16) are not to be devoured alone — share the mess with a group of friends! And while your hands are already dirty, tuck into the Honey Tequila Chicken Wings ($16) — chicken skin fried to crispy perfection, laced with one part honey and one part jalapenos for that sweet, spicy kick. Also worth getting are the better-than-fish-and-chips Baja Fish Tacos ($10 for two tacos, $14 for three) — tempura beer-battered pollock fried to a shattering crisp, topped with spicy chipotle mayo, fresh salsa and apple coleslaw.
Photo by Burppler Shawn Loh

Honey Tequila Wings

The name of this dish is enough to entice you to order. Amazing Mexican fried chicken. A must eat!!

Baja Fish Tacos

First time eating at this place! Decided to check it out after burppling it. The fish were big in size and juicy, accompanied by lots of vegetables!! Highly recommend this dish 😋

Delicious Mexican Fusion Food

The one thing I missed most about the USA is Mexican food. The food at Vatos definitely filled the void. I had the pork barbacoa tacos. The tacos were bursting with moist and tender pulled pork ($11 for 2, $15 for 3). Each taco had a generous amount of filling. The three amigos dip with chips was good but pretty normal. Also the Honey Tequila Wings ($18) (not pictured), was very yummy. We thought the mongoilita were rather pricey ($26) but when it arrived, we understood why. It was huge! So do order the mongoilita and all beverages to share. Definitely worth the visit. We'll be back for more!

I need to taco 'bout this.

Everyone’s first encounter to a ‘Mexican’ dish was probably at the movies, snacking on nachos - crisp tortilla chips dipped into golden melted cheddar cheese. But nachos, as with other items such as fajitas, chili con carne and burritos, are not original Mexican food. Their birthplace was Texas, ironically one of the most racist states in the US… love the food but hate the people? Ok this isn’t a political history forum. Anyway Mexicans form the #1 immigrant population in the US, and one other top ten foreign-born demographic comes from right across the Pacific Ocean, you guessed it - Korea. With these two populations cohabiting in a melting pot of diversity and (milk) culture (=cheese, lots of), this interracial marriage shouldn’t come as a surprise… Ko-Mex (not the IT fair).
Vatos started in Itaewon in Seoul, and after a series of expansions across the city, opened their first international branch here in Singapore. So far, visitors have been happy with the fare, me included. The tacos were so loaded with meat that it was a bit messy to hold and bite into, but that’s a good “problem”. The Korean pork belly had been chopped into smaller chunks but still retained some chewiness from the fat, and quite flavourful from the gochujang and doenjang marinate. My friend’s barbacoa pork was pretty good too - the pork shoulder pulled to shreds after being braised then grilled. It had more punch from the hot sauce and cilantro, perhaps why it’s the more popular taco here.
We had a go at the makgeolita as well, at first thought to be a bit pricey at $25+, but it came in a huuuuuuge jug that was enough to share amongst the three of us. I like how the sharp ‘burn’ from tequila is toned down by the sweetness of the mild Korean rice wine. Perhaps they can try coming up with a frozen makgeolita slushie? Mmmmmh...

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