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#01-01 Pacific Plaza
Singapore 228210

11:00am - 09:30pm

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Char Siu Ajitama Shoyu Soba • S$22.80

Totally late to the game but I finally tried Tsuta!

I had the Char Siu Ajitama Shoyu Soba (S$22.80) which has a heavier broth than its Shio counterpart because I'm all for flavours.

The soba (which I call ramen) is excellent. I loved the texture and slight chewiness of the noodles. I asked for a bigger portion and it was such a significant increase. Just for $1 more! The flavoured egg is pretty good, as long as it's cooked properly, you can't really go wrong with the flavour. The sliced pork collar char siu tasted a lot like the ham you would buy from the deli which didn't really appeal to me. Even though the soup had Truffle puréed with Truffle oil, I was pretty underwhelmed. I would leave most ramen places with the bowl empty but here, I couldn't really finish it.

Overall, I would say it's good and worth the price but not worth queuing long for.

Ajitama Shoyu Soba ($16.80 before tax)

I had walked into Tsuta with no preconceived notions, which is why I found myself enjoying this bowl of noodles precisely for its delicacy and refinement. As it was my first visit, I opted for the popular classic of Ajitama Shoyu Soba.
The clear, dark-toned broth was the antithesis of the robust soups popular at most ramen places. A touch saltier than what I'd usually prefer, the flavour of their unique dashi became more appealing once I stirred in the black truffle paste; ensuring the wafting of a lovely fragrance as I slurped up the smooth and very soft strands of hand-made noodles. Both chashu and egg were equally delectable. Interestingly, the fresh coriander played such a vital role in enhancing the dish, I found myself wishing there was more of it.

Tsuta-rrible? Not the worst but definitely far from the best

finally got to try the much talked about Michelin starred Tsuta ramen. so there are only 2 choices: the shio or the shoyu. this is the more popular shoyu ramen, with truffle ($15 nett for 1 piece of char siew, $22.80 nett for 4 pieces of char siew). the shio is lighter and doesn't have a truffle taste. don't waste time on that..

figured i should just get the 4 pieces of char siew cause i'm not going to come back and queue again in the near future. queued for 30mins at around 8pm on a Sat night. not too bad.

1) the noodles are springy, ranks up there with Ippudo's.
2) the truffle taste is forgettable. Kanshoku Ramen Bar at the first floor of Orchard Gateway serves better truffle ramen.
3) pork slices are ok. still not as good as Keisuke Ramen's..
4) soup was light. and salty. i don't like light soups. or light AND salty soups.
5) egg was poor. it wasn't runny enough. you could probably make a better ramen egg yourself with a sous-vide machine...
6) cost was reasonable..... for a michelin starred restaurant, not for the quality of the food

overall: 3/5 stars. very forgettable. being a HUGE ramen lover i left without feeling like i'd specially come back again. are you sure this got a michelin star!? i can probably put the Shio bowl beside a bowl from Ramen Play and nobody would be able to tell the difference. feeling quite underwhelmed and sad now LOL

Char Siew Ajitama Shoyu Soba.

If there's a choice between Shoyu & Shio, I would often go for the shoyu. 😄

Ajitama Sio Soba

Consisted of 1 piece char siew, egg, bamboo shoot, leek & green Olivers puréed in truffle oil ($16.8). Usually I am unable to finish all of ramen noodles.. but this was the first exception! Noodles was cooked just right.. The truffle smell was quite significant, but not too strong (the truffle taste is stronger in the Shoyu soba because leek & truffle are puréed in truffle oil instead). The soup was also not too heavy and did not make me feel gelat. The eggs were very well flavored and the yolk was cooked just nice, made me wanted to add on another.

Tsuta Ramen, is the worlds first & only Michelin Stared Ramen Joint.

But it's the one in Japan, so let me burst your high perceptions for the one in town. 🍜

Char Siu Ajitama Shoyu Soba (💵S$22.80) : 4 slices of Char Siu, Onsen Egg, Bamboo Shoot, Leek & Truffled puréed in Truffle Oil. 😋*i hope*
It's not spectacular, it's not a ramen I'll crave, it's not a ramen I'll go back for (only the one in Tokyo) The Soba was alright (could be harder), the Shoyu isn't mind blowing even it's enhanced with a touch of Truffle. But the Char Siu was not bad & the flavoured egg was good, well that's the best, nothing's better than an Onsen egg, the best invention in the culinary world oh you beauty. 😍

ACAMASTIPS💮: Looks like I have to head to Tokyo for the one that actually earned the Michelin Star. The Tokyo outlet actually braised their Char Siu in red wine, the Soba is a mix of 3 kinds of flour & you better get in line, otherwise it's momofoku you Starlight. 🖖🏻

[New review] *Tsuta Review: World’s First Michelin-Starred Ramen Shop Opens In Orchard Road*
Tsuta, the only ramen eatery to win a Michelin Star in 2015 has opened its FIRST international branch in Singapore!

We headed there before it officially opened, and check out this Chashu Ajitama Shoyu Soba ($22.80)! Worth the queue?
Read the full review at
Address: 9 Scotts Road, #01-01, Pacific Plaza, Singapore 228210
Operating Hours: Monday - Sunday 11am to 6pm
Writer: @aliciaatsh
Photographer: @donnnut

So I queued 1 hour plus for this unusual ramen.

Truffle and shoyu and clam- based dashi stock. Not your typical ramen-next-door. Hmm let's just say I can't appreciate the atas soup much. If you love truffles, you might love the soup. But I love the al dente noodles, the amazing seasoned egg, and the lean yet flavourful pork collar.

It's a nice day for some shoyu ramen .

Make your order and payment via a self automated machine at the entrance of the eatery. Will u be making your way down this weekend ? 😉😉😀 oh that is the truffle atop the meat 👍🏼this is the more intense robust flavour .

For the World's Only Michelin-Starred Ramen

Located on the first floor of Pacific Plaza, this 18-seater ramen joint is Tsuta's first international outlet outside of Japan. There are only two soup variations on the menu of the world's only Michelin-starred ramen restaurant — shio (salt) or shoyu (soy sauce). Both soup bases stem from a chicken stock boiled with vegetables, clams and seafood for additional depth — think of it as soul-warming chicken noodle soup. Go for the crowd favourite Char Siu Ajitama Shoyu Soba ($22.80) that comes with the full works — four slices of char siu, flavoured egg, bamboo shoot and leek. The Tsuta rendition gets an unexpected umami boost from the scoop of truffle pureed in truffle oil. Otherwise, shio purists will enjoy tucking into the Char Siu Ajitama Shio Soba ($22.80). It comes with the same toppings, except that the the truffle is replaced by green olives in truffle oil.
Avg Price: $25 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Eleanor Tay

Experience the popular one star ⭐️ Michelin ramen right here in Singapore!

I guess it wouldn't be hard to spot this with the long queues that had formed this morning!
@tsutasingapore opened their outlet at Pacific Plaza, serving ramen with 2 kind of soup base (Shoyu and Shio). Best for the people that are sick and tired of the usual tonkotsu base! The soup base were light but still full on flavour.
Personally love the shoyu with black truffle sauce (!!!), the combination is so so good!! Really blessed to be able to enjoy it right here in Singapore! The Japan branch is said to sell out their tickets by 8AM (when the restaurant only opens at 11am)!!!! Thank you @BrandCellar for the lovely invite and congratulations for the grand opening today!

Ajitama Shoyu Ramen And Ro-su Don

Flavorful thin noodles in very elegant chicken & clam based soup with touch of truffles. Nicely sliced fatty pork on buttered rice was nice, too.


Come tomorrow, 6 November, #Tsuta, the world's only Michelin-starred ramen eatery, will open its doors at 11am.

Located at Pacific Plaza, the 18-seater outlet will be serving two types of ramen - Shoyu Soba & Shio Soba for now. The third flavour, Miso Soba, will be introduced in the near future.
As an open-concept eatery, you can watch the chefs in action, preparing bowls and bowls of ramen in front of you. #instavideo
Had the Char Siu Ajiama Shoyu Soba ($22.80), consisting 4 slices of char siew, bamboo shoot, leek, flavoured egg, truffle puréed in truffle oil.
The soy base ramen is made with a special blend of shoyu together with Chef Onishi's chicken-seafood stock. The addition of truffle purée imparts an earthy fragrance to the broth.
I like the char siew as it's tender and moist, unlike some places where the char siew is dry and hard to bite. Oh yah, each slice of char siew is 4mm thick. Such precision!
If you prefer a more intense umami flavour, go for the Shoyu broth, if not, opt for the lighter Shio broth (using Okinawa sea salt and Mongolian rock salt). Personally, I prefer the Shoyu broth for its stronger flavour. Plus, I like the earthy aroma and flavour of truffle.
PS: Some may feel the broth's a little salty for their liking but I'm okay with it. Maybe cos I always order rich/strong broth at places where you can choose the intensity of the broth. 重口味 I know. haha! I guess it all boils down to individual preferences. Have to try it for yourself!
If you are heading down tomorrow, do note that they will be open from 11am to 6pm (last order 5:30pm) on 6 to 11 November. Full operating hours (11am to 10pm, last order 9.30pm) will commence from 12 November onwards.
#michelinstarfood #truffle #truffleramen

Char Siu Ajitama Shoyu Soba ($22.80).

Ramen with everything! You know a place is good at what they do when they have a simple, concise menu—choose from 2 broths (Shoyu or Sio) and the toppings that you want. A few rice options are also available.
I usually avoid ramen cos the soup tends to get a little gluggy and noodles are rather starchy, but at Tsuta, the soup is clear and the noodles are firm and doesn't get soggy quickly. I personally prefer the Shoyu broth with truffle puree in truffle oil that's not too overwhelming. Can't wait to have this again. Plus Tsuta in Japan got awarded 1-Michelin star, making it the only Michelin star ramen! Seating is limited at the restaurant so wake up early and grab a spot when they open tomorrow (Sunday 6th) at 11am!
#TsutaSG #Ramen

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