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The White Lasagna

This week, we decided to wander into TTDI. This place has the best play list ever! Like ever. There aren't many spinach white based pasta, but this place serves it for RM28 and it was a decent portion as well. I wished that the sauce surrounding this delish lasagna was a thick layer of bechamel sauce instead😂. Nevertheless, i was happy with this dish as it wasn't too jelak and i swallowed all of it!😂. Service there is impeccable and the waiters were very thoughtful as well! 8/10 for this place and i will be back!!

The Common Man

KL Churros (RM 15): a Nutty combination with dipping chocolate. Prefers my churros a little fluffier & lighter. #triedit
Pedra Branca, Brazil (RM 20-22): Velvety dark chocolate, notes of macadamia nuts & roasted almond finish. The Kopi's Verdict: 3/5 liked it for the nutty aftertaste, its smooth & not acidic - SHIOKS. #MeNoKopiLover #dontknowhowtoappreciateit

For Daytime Dates In A Swanky Cafe

These past months saw many Singaporean establishments make their foray into KL, and the cream of the cafe crop is surely Common Man Coffee Roasters. Nailing cafe aesthetics in their spacious lot in TTDI's Plaza VADS, here's an uplifting locale for dates and special occasions. You will find it difficult to not smile at the sight of servers dressed in their sunny, tropical-themed uniforms. In the day, expect impressive brunches — try the Common Man Full Breakfast (RM39) for variety, or the Sautéed Kale & Egg White Scramble (RM29) for eat-clean points. Come evenings, the stream of afternoon light gives way to relaxed sunset vibes. Order a drink, the crispy, cinnamon-dusted KL Churros (RM19) and kick back until time beckons you home. Those who have an interest in the art of brewing cuppas can look to the café's training academy. Now in its initial launch stage, the learning centre located in the back will soon offer full-fledged courses for aficionados.
Avg price per person: RM45
Photo by Burppler F P Yap

For Reliably Delicious Viet Delights

Ngon opens this month in Damansara Kim to a menu of promising Vietnamese street fare in a comfortable cafe-like setting. The next time lunch hour swings around, bring your colleagues for something new and phobulous! Don't miss the value for money Banh Beo (RM6.50), an enjoyable trio of steamed rice cakes redolent of prawn paste and turnips. Then, with the knowledge that Ngon is helmed by a chef-cum-ladyboss who hails from Ho Chi Minh City, order the Beef Pho (RM18.50) with confidence. The bowl of thin, flat noodles in clear broth delights with the splendid flavours of basil leaves and beef slices. Albeit lesser known locally, Vietnamese dessert Che Dau Trang Khoai Mon (RM4.50) is a worthy sweet treat with black-eyed peas, yam and coconut milk. Wash it all down with a must-have Ca Phe Nong (RM5.50) — Vietnamese Iced Coffee that awakens with potence.
Avg price per person: RM20
Photo by Burppler Trisha Toh

For Cocktails With An Oriental Charm

At TTDI's The Pawn Room, you can trade your soul for drinks — just kidding — but you can trade other things for a cocktail. This bar transports patrons to the oriental 1920s, where crimson lights offer a sultry charm and the enthralling pawn shop concept occassionally allows you to put up belongings (or services) in return for a filled glass in your hand. For a less conventional date, this place will do wonders. Asian-accented cocktails are served alongside classics — order the Bunga Kaseh (RM36) that incorporates chrysanthemum juice and pandan syrup in gin, or the Liang Moi (RM40), a rum-based drink that tastes a lot like kuih talam. A third winner is the refreshing Mr. Brightside (RM45), which uses elderflower syrup with egg white, yuzu and lime juice. Look into the menu or the secret menu (ask the bartenders) for more concoctions, if you happen to extend your stay past three drinks.
Avg price per person: RM70
Photo by Burppler Trisha Toh

Hidden Gem

A hidden gem that opened for quite some time but never had chance to pay a visit. The cafe is located in Pusat Kreatif Kanak-Kanak Tuanku Bainun in TTDI. It has a very comfortable and cozy environment and instagrammer friendly whereby it always fills with natural lighting. Was meant to try their toast but was told that the toast is serve from time to time. And during my visit the toast is discontinued at the moment. Food in frame: Earl Grey Waffle, a light and crunchy waffle infused with aromatic earl grey and topped with earl grey ice cream. Normally they serve with one scope of ice cream on the waffle. We also ordered Lychee Rose pot tea, a unique combination but it's not weird at all. Worth to try this if you prefer tea rather than coffee. Their operation hours are from 9am to 7pm. Close on every Tuesday and every first Monday of the month (Operation hours copied from Aether Cafe's Instagram). Parking shouldn't be a big problem since there are quite plenty of parking lots around the building.

For Authentic Johorean Cuisine

Mee rebus and Soto ayam with some kuih muih at this restaurant that serve wonderful Johorean cuisine.

Despite the challenging on looking for a parking space in TTDI, d'cengkih is always crowded with diner. I love how they present the array of dishes and kuih muih, it's feel like a jamuan to me.

Pho Dac Biet (Beef Pho) RM18 | Banh Beo RM6.5 | Ca Phe Nong (Iced Coffee) RM5.5

This relatively newcomer to KL's dining scene makes for a strong contender for great Viet restos in the city. The clear broth, tender meat, crunchy sprouts and homegrown and fragrant basil go so well together, making this pho an enjoyable one. Love the basil garnish as it really makes all the difference! Though the portion for the basil is less than the typical generous serving in Vietnam, the owner clarified that they do so to avoid wastage (Malaysians being popular for wasting food).
The Banh Beo, though, is my personal favourite here. The steamed rice cakes are extremely delicious with all the trimmings - prawn paste, turnips and spring onions. Looks oily but this is proof that looks can be deceiving! And for RM6.50, this is one heck of a bargain.
Get 5% off your bill when you share a photo of your meal here (@ngon.kl) on Facebook. One I’d gladly do on my own!
(Pork free)

Lamb Shawarma Wrap With Shahi

Spiced braised pulled lamb, caramelized onion and melted cheese, wrapped in toasted pita. Served with hand cut fries and garlic aioli with a dash of pepper. The fries were drenched in olive oil, could be their style but I prefer them crisp.

Service was good, they served our food simultaneously so my main was slightly cold, best to ask them to serve whenever it's ready.

Lamb Shawarma Wrap: RM25
Shahi (Arab tea infused with mint): RM10/pot

This shop is connected to Souka which has a wide selection of cakes!

For Cocktails With An Oriental Twist

This new member of the TPG team (Private Room, TTDI) family is a contemporary take on 1920s Shanghai late night bar oozing oriental elegance and old school charm. The cocktails here incorporate Asian flavour combinations like pandan, yuzu and chrysanthemum which you will find in the the Bunga Kaseh (RM36), a combination of chrysanthemum juice, Tanqueray gin and pandan syrup, or Mr Brightside (RM45) blend of elderflower syrup, egg white, lime juice and yuzu juice that makes for a citrusy combination with a lingering aftertaste. Both impressive and highly recommended. If you must drive, parking is ample in this vicinity.

Big Breakfast

Visited common man before the hype, less crowded, more privacy :)
Had big breakfast, the portion is HUGE, I was so stuffed after finished EVERYTHING! Yes, ALL! Killed it!
Wish to try their French toast next time, it is so photogenic :)