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Of Galmaegisal & Kimchi Omelettes 🐣

Shinmapo is a popular international chain restaurant and it's now in Malaysia! After weeks of waiting in hopes that the crowd will die down, it still hasn't but I gave in to a 10pm dinner and landed myself in an outdoor seating. Do note that the heat from the Bbq pit gets really hot so it gets stuffy quickly.

What makes Shinmapo stand out from its contenders? From the luxurious Galmaegisal (pork skirtmeat which i rate 10/10), Budae Jiggae (sweet and spicy soup consisting of various hams, kimchi and chilli just like Korea’s Military stew) to their volcano fried rice (RM25), dishes like these were what lured me in to try it out and I wasn’t disappointed. The Shinmapo Signature Set perfect for 2 pax costs RM88, a reasonable amount for the food that you’re getting. The Kimchi Egg Ring Crust caught me off guard as it’s still a rare sight in Kuala Lumpur but it tastes delicious and creamy nonetheless!

Restoran Gold Chili 016-909 9873
I used to patronise this place alot a long time ago.

Got hooked with the Tom Yam fried rice. Today tried the Creamy Butter Milk Chicken and the Tom Yam Soup. Both are delicious. Was there at 10.30pm, still a lot of people around. #myfoodie #paktohtime #burpple

Injelomi (RM15)

My friend came over to Subang one fine night and requested to go for dessert, and we ended up here.

Bingsu, it is! For RM15, I think this was pretty filling for two, and decent even if it was to be shared among three individuals.

It reminded me of Horlicks, though I am sure it wasn't that. I believe it was Korean fine soya bean powder 😅 they also had chewy Korean rice cakes inside, quite interesting.

So far, this is the only place I'd go for bingsu, really. Oh, and Beans & Beans! But this is behind my house, so convenient 😌 try it out, I don't think it'll disappoint, hopefully.

For Scrumptious Fried Rice

SS15 is known for many things, most of them unfortunately gripes like the beyond-impossible task of finding a parking spot and the dreaded single-lane traffic. But there are a few diamonds in the rough; Uncle Soon Fried Rice in Restaurant Foh Foh being one of them. This humble hawker stall is an immensely popular choice for Subang locals and students alike. Depending on your desired portion and whether you would like an egg on top (you have to), a plate of fried rice here will cost anywhere between RM6 to RM8. Jewelled with char siew bits, the dish is served with an appetising sambal belacan that completes the meal!
Avg Price: RM10

Best Shisha Eveerrrrr

Rm10 for a really good Shisha!! Yup you read it right RM10! They even have loyalty card where after a certain amount of buying shishas you'll get one free! Just don't forget to produce your card when you pay. The food here is also very good.. especially their pasta! Been a regular here since they opened this cafe but I don't know why it didn't occur to me write a review! Lol.. worth trying guys! You'll love it, ambiance is amazing too .. laid back. 👏🏽

For Desserts From Our Childhood

Having thrived as a baking delivery service, the Skinny Bakers finally decided that they could escape their flourishing fans no more. Their newly opened brick-and-mortar dessert parlour Escapade focuses on simple yet decadent desserts — think Twix Milkshake (RM13.90), Banana Split (RM9.90) and the ultimate childhood memory, Roti Ice Cream (RM8.90). Aptly named, this spot is perfect for when you need to forget your worries and focus on finishing your ice cream. Bring a friend who needs cheering up, or a girlfriend in a bad mood for their remedying Ice Cream Sandwich (RM9.90). The smooth vanilla ice cream is sandwiched between warm, homebaked cookies for a comforting treat. If it has been a really bad day, make things right again with an extra chocolate drizzle (RM0.50).
Avg Price: RM10
Photo by Burppler Emily C

Rose-shaped Ice Creams FTW

If you're an ice cream lover and if you're bored of eating the same old ice creams, you should head down to SS15.
Miss Rose's ice creams are literally put together to be shaped like a stalk of rose and just as good as it looks, it tastes the same too!

Buttery Goodness

I tried this butter chicken dish in 2014 for the very first time, and I still go there.
It serves one of the best creamy butter dishes in town. So far I've tried their Butter Chicken, Butter Beef, and Butter Prawns and they're all excellent.
If I had to rate their food, I'd give it a 11/10.

Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies

Finally! A place in SS15 with ice cream sandwich cookies made with homemade ice cream and cookies to die for by The Skinny Bakers! Going for RM9.90 a piece, smooth ice cream between sweet cookies are perfect for those with a sweet tooth. Other than that, save some space for their milkshakes (especially the Ultimate Chocolate ones) which I regretfully did not manage to try. Looks like a second trip is in order!
p.s. They also have durian milkshake ;)

Amazing Alcoholic Ice Creams

Affordable and quality ice cream. Majority of ice creams are alcoholic kinds but there is also non-alcoholic ones too.. They have various milkshakes to try.. Location at SS15 Subang. xx

Matcha Bingsu

Matcha Bingsu (Available until August only) | Chewy red bean mochi top wit a scoop of matcha ice cream, drizzle wit concentrated matcha | 🍵 (RM21)

Uncle Soon's Fried Rice

Many things are synonymous with SS15. Most of them unfortunately are unwanted things, like the beyond-impossible task of finding a parking spot and the dreaded single-lane traffic. However, there are a few diamonds in the rough, with Restaurant Foh Foh's Uncle Soon Fried Rice being one of them.

An immensely popular choice for Subang locals and neighbouring students alike, be prepared to dish out a measly Rm6-8 depending on the portion size, whether you would like an egg on top, for a definite must-try plate of fried rice with char siew and a saucer of belacan that enhances the flavour of your meal!