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Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Damansara Utama, Kuala Lumpur.
Spicy Fried Noodle

Always like to visit this cafe because almost everything from the menu are well cooked, with huge portion and taste so yum. found it is a bit underrated among the social network and i really highly recommended this place for lunch, or even for group gathering.

For Desserts And Great Service

A newcomer in Damansara Uptown's madding crowd of dessert cafes, Shugatori banks on its easy-to-love honey toasts, pancakes and waffles to pique interest. Rejoice; it's a spanking new venue for a dessert day out with the girls! The signature here is customisable — Yin & Yang (RM27.90) can be either a thick toast or a waffle, and the outcome is a mishmash of charcoal and classic flavours, topped with fruit, ice cream and soft meringue. Also recommended is the Matcha Azuki Mousse (RM18) that gleams with a mirror glaze and satisfies with an infallible duo of green tea and red bean. If the weather calls for a drink, and you're anticipating a long walk back to your parking spot, a glass of Carbonated Lemonade (from RM12) is in order. Plus points for this dessert contender for such excellent service, even Burpple Tastemaker Alyssia couldn't help but mention it in her review!
Avg price per person: RM30
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Alyssia Yu

Icy Treat

Nice cozy spot to chill with family and friends. They serve a range of delectable Korean bingsu, from traditional injeolmi bingsu to durian mango bingsu.
In picture: Black Sesame Bingsu w/ almond flakes and red bean (RM15.90). The texture of the shave ice is surprisingly flaky and soft, and has the right level of sweetness.
Apart from bingsu, they offer 100% natural ice cream and sorbet too. Though pricey for shaved ice, I would be back to try the other flavours.

Cold Udon + Sliced Pork

If you're udon lover, you should really try out this place! Cold udon have always been my favourite. But sadly you don't see it in many Japanese restaurants. Pricing are mostly RM19.90.

Making my life a little sweeter.

Miru had opened for quite some time but still the hype is there, especially when they opened their second outlet at Pavilion. Was thought the outlet at Damansara Uptown will be less crowded but apparently the shop is still full of crowd, especially after dinner time. Food in frame: Shibuya Honey Toast (RM16), an original Shibuya Honey Toast topped with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. Plus it is coated with a thin layer of butter sugar on top, which actually enhance the flavor of the toast. I don't think there is any negative comment on the dessert since it is really delicious. However, regarding with the portion wise, it is better to share at least two people for a toast. And also they serve the free flow of jasmine tea for every customers. It would be good if the table is not that sticky.

Classic Malaysian breakfast.

Although it opened for quite some time but still it always full with people. Was totally full during my visit and I think it's should be a wise choice to sit outside rather than inside since it will be more crowded in a closed space. Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng (RM10.50) served with the classic combination of coconut rice, sambal, anchovy, cucumber, egg and fried chicken leg. I think the price is acceptable as the chicken leg is huge and delicious. Just wish that their sambal could serve more. Just FYI, add on extra sambal will be charged for RM0.80. Moreover, their Teh Tarik is just nice to drink. Not too milky and over sweet. Still, get ready to queue if you pay a visit during lunch hour.

New Dessert Place

The new Japanese dessert bar in damansara uptown. Menu serving plated dessert from honey toast, pancake to waffle.

The matcha azuki mousse that I had was enjoyable. Smooth matcha mousse with red bean paste and matcha genoise compliment each other well. The matcha mirror glaze and edible gold leaf do create a feast for the eye. The dessert also plate with additional matcha ganache and fresh fruit.

The second dessert that we had was the salted egg cheesecake which turn out to be a little dry for our liking. As for beverage, I totally love their carbonated lemonade, best to enjoy during a hot afternoon •̀.̫•́✧ .

*The service in shugatori also one of the best among the new cafe 👍

For Luscious Roast Pork And Beer

If you find it difficult to resist the delicious duo of pork and beer, Swiss-German restaurant Euro Deli will be your sanctuary. These meat experts are prepared to serve you meat specialties — think Roast Pork Salad (RM27.90), Bacon Pie (RM15.90) and Mixed Spanish Ham (RM58.90). For a hearty dinner, order the Mixed Roast Of Knuckle, Belly & Ribs (RM39.90). As its name suggests, the combo is a mouthful and, as Tastemaker Calvin Lam puts it, "satisfies in more ways than one". The gallant knuckle provides crunch whereas the belly and ribs play supporting roles with tender meat. More importantly, it goes very well with the range of German beers (from RM19.90) available. Coupling manly vibes with a warm, cosy ambience, here's a nook to treat your boyfriend to a fun, dashing dinner date!
Avg price per person: RM40
Photo by Burppler SY Ho

Mixed roast of knuckle, ribs & belly(RM39.90), satisfying your 3 needs

Gerostetes Fleisch vond er Haxe, Rippchen und Schweinebauch with mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes and red cabbage. Pork lover would definitely love this place, reasonable price & big portion. I'm just abit disappointed with the sauce.Best to go with beer😆😆👍

For Creatively Crafted Pizzas

Have pizzas that are a little out of the box at Pizza Craft, and be sure to bring your colleagues — the group-friendly bench tables await. Inspired by pizza maker Theo Kalogeracos, known for his award-winning pizzerias in Perth, the roulette of flavours seen here is a refreshing change from usual suspects like chicken ham and pineapples. The Blueberry Beef (from RM16.90) pizza may sound peculiar, but its combination of Swedish-like meatballs and blueberry jam offers a pleasantly familiar flavour. Also an intriguing option is the Billy Goat (from RM21.90) that features a flurry of herbs with minced lamb and mint sauce. We especially liked that they nailed a solid ratio of dough to toppings. All pies come with an iced lemon tea and garlic bread during the set lunch promo (weekdays, noon-3pm) and if ever the clock is ticking on lunch hour, give these guys a call 30 minutes earlier to prepare your pizzas ahead of time!
Avg price per person: RM20

For Unpretentious Rice Bowls

The next time you're pressed for time at lunch, grab a quick one at Sukiya. Much like the flurry of fast food joints in Japan, this self-service restaurant offers value-for-money rice bowls and options to upgrade your meal — think attractive add-ons like the Seaweed Salad Set (RM5.50), Edamame Set (RM5.50) and Karaage Set (RM6.50). Besides their specialty Gyudon (from RM7.40), which tempts with tender beef slices atop rice, the Bonito Fried Garlic Rice with Okra (from RM9) is also a fine choice that pairs fragrant bonito flakes with crunchy ladyfingers. Bring your favourite colleague to indulge in this bargain meal with.
Avg price per person: RM15
Photo by Burppler Shirley Lai