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Houjicha & Azuki Soft Serve ($8/Large)

Thanks to the Burpple community that I got to know about Matchaya's mystery flavour of the week - Azuki (red bean)! ๐Ÿ˜ As azuki soft serve is available only until tomorrow (15 Jan), I had to chiong down today!

Pairing azuki with houjicha (roasted green tea) was a perfect match as the sweet and milky azuki complements the roasted fragrance and slight bitterness of houjicha. The regular cup costs $5.90 but since we are fans of this velvety soft serve, we gladly paid $8 for the large cup. ๐Ÿค—

Fyi, Matchaya is currently selling CNY goodies too! Isn't Matcha Pineapple Tarts, Double Nama Choco Cookies and Matcha Almond Cookies tempting enough? ๐Ÿ˜‹

Cha Cha Pop

You know, when the weather out there is so horrendous, it is always a relief to have something cold to cool you down. And the Cha Cha Pop (S$8.00) from Matchaya did just that. Imagine a creamsicle of Matcha ice cream coated with a layer of Hojicha and then dipped into Matcha sauce in a slanted fashion. What comes out is this beautiful creation by Neh Neh Pop and Matchaya.

This deep-frozen creamsicle is not just rich in flavour, but is evidently resistant to the heat out there, because I did not even have to worry that it will melt and make a mess on my hand. Nice!


Who can resist this pairing?

Best of both worlds, I just had to rush down to Matchaya after lunch to grab their latest mystery flavour before the week ends. And no regrets at all! Instead of a dual swirl, I opted for the richer robust Hojicha flavour at the base so that I can taste the delicate Azuki soft serve on its own and with chunky azuki purรฉe layered in between to add a delicious texture. Enjoying the deep roasted flavours from the nutty hojicha swirls, it was surprisingly good with the sweet earthy topping and creamy Japanese red bean blend uptop. Smooth and satisfying, be sure to try this aromatic combination if you are going to drop by this weekend!

Azuki Softserve

Azuki Softserve ($6.90)

Last Day Tomorrow! Yummy azuki ice cream @matchayasg . I opted for pure azuki as I always prefer tasting the new flavour untainted. This is extremely smooth and creamy and rather dense so it'd be best to have this with their matcha mix, a perfect slightly bitter complement for this sweet azuki. Don't forget to add the azuki topping too! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I may have several discoveries and blips this week w my research but the best is to end it with a sweet ending that comes in the form of a Genmaicha & Hojicha soft serve!

Braved the rain for this and boy was it worth it. The genmaicha is unbelievably fragrant, the smell of roasted brown rice is toooooo good. ๐Ÿคค Though it kinda overpowered the hojicha a little, but still an amazing combi. The sticky gooey texture was amazing! โ˜บ๏ธ
#burpple #softserve #genmaicha #hojicha #matchaya

Genmaicha Softserve

Bought a 40 dollar Matchaya gift voucher for my friend's birthday because we can never get enough of this place. Seriously, this place sells the best Matcha/Houjicha soft serve in the entire of Singapore! You have to try it! After eating this, I simply can't be satisfied with any other soft serve because I will demand to have my Matchaya! And plus points for the friendly service of their chatty staff whom never fail to brighten my day with their smiles and eagerness to tell me about their work. They truly care for their business and take pride in churning out creamy yet delicate soft serves that do the flavours justice. I just want to eat all their mystery flavours all day everyday!

Matcha Soft Serve Ice Cream

Matcha Soft Serve Ice Cream ($5.90)

It was really yummy, creamy and the texture was good! (:

Matcha Chocolate Log Cake ($55 for 1.2kg)

Fans of their matcha Swiss rolls would love this. First dig into the chocolate sponge, which was pretty ok, but all eyes lit up when they reached the fragrant bittersweet matcha cream enclosed within. We were also occasionally surprised by the crunch of chocolate pearls littered within the cake!
Till next year. Hope everyone had enjoyed your Christmas!

Great for the blistering heat for today ๐Ÿ˜ฐ seems like it's full on summer for Singapore.

The mystery flavour for Christmas from @matchayasg would be the elusive chestnut flavour, best to top up to get their chestnut purรฉe and rum soaked chestnuts! If you are like me and not exactly the greatest fan of chestnut, you should definitely give this a chance (if it's still available) - cause the chestnut flavour is really mild but fragrant! Super yummy ๐Ÿ˜‹


Lucky to have tried this before it's gone tomorrow! The kuri softserve was light and creamy, contrasted with bits of strong rum-soaked chestnut. Not forgetting the usual bittersweet goodness of matcha.

The matcha cream and the hojicha sponge are a match made in heaven!

Usually i donโ€™t like Swiss rolls because the sponge is normally too dry for me. But Matchayaโ€™s matcha roll ($4.90) is not! It complements the creamy matcha which is slightly bitter with a hint of natural sweetness.

Matcha Soft Serve [$5.90]

Ever since Matchaya, every trip to Tanjong Pagar ends on a sweet note with one of their soft serves. Gorgeously bittersweet, I loved the intensity of matcha flavours here in its thick, fragrant creamy swirls. Have never yet been disappointed with Matchaya's offerings thus far and can't wait for even more flavours to be introduced!

Finally satisfied my week-long craving and tried the flavours that I've been dying for since my first visit to @matchayasg ๐Ÿ™ƒ opted for the "Matchaya Swirl" - instead of both flavours blended together, this was houjicha layered on top of goma.

The deep, smokey aroma of roasted green tea gave way to intense black sesame as we dived into the little cup of goodness. It was so heavenly that we couldn't resist a second upsized one ($9) after we devoured the first within minutes ๐Ÿ˜‹ #matchayasg #dessert #dessertporn #burpple

Houjicha & Goma Soft Serve

Could not decide between the two flavours i had both!! Apparently the flavours blend excellently well together, even the staff admitted it's her favourite! Super greedy me had chestnut puree and bailey's soaked chestnut bits as toppings! The best i've had so far in Singapore! It's a shame the counter has no tables and chairs to sit as it is located in a small corner of Icon Village. However, it will not hold me from coming back there in the future as i'm yet to try the matha one, very soon! ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿต Btw, goma (black sesame) is the mystery's flavour this week, go get it before it changes in few days!

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