A bespoke French Cakery that customize your dream wedding & celebratory cakes using finely-curated ingredients with NO premixes & artificial flavorings.

27 Teo Hong Road
Singapore 088334

12:30pm - 10:30pm

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12:30pm - 10:30pm

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Just thinking about this Castile (light yogurt mousse, jelly of spring lychee, compote of strawberry, rhubarb, blueberry, honey sponge, white chocolate feather) that I had eight sun-bathed dawns ago at Mad About Sucre, which launches its Spring menu today.

It feels like a fresh beginning and spur of vigour for Mad About Sucre - their new cake selection (which includes the pistachio-heavy Viburum and the tropical Anemone) are more overtly aggressive in flavour profile, eschewing reliance on nuance for a bolder and more assertive approach, while elsewhere the aesthetic-minded, Instagram-era diner would find lots to fawn over with the confidently distinctive visuals at play this round.

Linguine, Winter Mushroom in Aglio Olio Sauce

Linguine, Winter Mushroom 🍄 in Aglio Olio Sauce (S$25+)
Available in the Pop Shop Menu in @MadAboutSucre till this Sunday.
The handmade pasta 🍝 was tender and smooth. Looked simple but tasty although it was more on the black peppery side.
Mad About Sucre
Address 🏠 : 27 Teo Hong Road, Singapore 🇸🇬 088 334
Tel ☎ : 6221 3969
Open 💈 :
Tue - Sat : 12.30pm - 10pm
Sun : 12.30pm - 5pm
MRT🚇 : Outram Park (EW16/NE3)

Eglise St Augustin (SGD $12.80) @ Mad About Sucre.

Inspired by the Parisian church of the same name, this heavenly dessert is light and delicate.

A vibrant mousse of raspberry, cherry, and strawberry forms the dome, sitting on a moist vanilla choux sponge, with a center of strawberry gel.

A coat of rich Madagascar vanilla cream and white chocolate surrounds this beauty, while the crown features gold leaf.

Part of the Fall / Winter 2016 collection.
Mad About Sucre
27 Teo Hong Road
Tue - Sat 12:30pm - 10pm,
Sun 12:30pm - 5pm,
Closed Mon

Been a while since I last visited, and behold something different!

Could only use this photo as my cutting attempt failed 😝 The Église Saint-Augustin de Paris: the ruby red dome is all the red berries you can think of: cranberries, raspberries & strawberries. Lightly flavored cream cheese with a sponge base, perfectly paired with Rose tea. Service impeccable as always 😘Hopeful to visit again before the year ends 😊

{ Petite France } counting down to my long weekend !

Hehehe happy mid week ya all ! Oh if you have yet tried desserts from @madaboutsucre ,then perhaps it's time u make a trip there !

Chocolat Noir.

Beauty and the beast in a tart. Don't be fooled by beauty of the layers of intricate handcrafted chocolate work. Hiding inside is a beast, chocolate so potent it's sure to make your nose bleed.
Monsters are hiding everywhere. Rawr!
#hungryhungrymonster #burpple #madaboutsucre

Pettite France (French whisky, cream, honey, almond, spiced sable, almond crispy crepes, apricot, mascarpone) from Mad About Sucre's newly-launched Autumn/Winter cake collection.

The nutty and indulgently rich dome was a Tang Wei and Tony Leung-esque filthy romp between roasty, thick and creamy almond nougat and milky, unflinchingly drunken homemade French whisky (ie Baileys). Elsewhere, the sour apricot insert lurked surreptitiously in the background and the crumbly base played it like a delectable salty peanut biscuit. 4.2/5

Petite France

French Whisky, Cream, Honey, Almond Spiced Sable, Almond Crispy Crepes, Apricot and Mascarpone. Probably one of Mad About Sucre's most intricate cakes available, for its made up of more components than usual for their collection of cakes. Part of their Winter collection released today — it's incredible how they made this entirely from scratch; the French Whiskey brewed by themselves just for the cake. Featuring a yogurt mousse, the creation of the mousse is similar to that of a nougat — pulled and with almonds added into it; just with a slightly different end product as a mousse. The nougat flavours come across as subtle here, but the apricot gel gives it a lingering fruitiness. Glazed with honey and their own French Whiskey, there is a slight torched feel with a boozy flavour without being too alcoholic — you could taste that Whiskey itself but not that sharp flavour acquainted to alcohol in general. What I absolutely loved is the spiced sable it sits atop on — a very good contrast of saltish nuttiness that complements the elegant and luxurious cake very well. If you are one who likes nutty and alcoholic desserts without too much of a fruity touch, this is one that you should try!

The Early Fatback: Eglise St Augustin (red fruits, strawberry-basil confit, vanilla choux sponge, Madagascar vanilla cream, white chocolate) from Mad About Sucre's new autumn/winter cake collection.

P.S. The Pettite France off the new menu is quite possibly the most outlandishly brilliant cake from Mad About Sucre yet. I'm still reeling from all the Baileys-esque titillation.

Just thinking about this Fishermen's Bourride (Provençal-style fresh seafood stew flavoured with Iranian saffron, Spanish garlic and fennel, thickened with egg yolk) that I had seven ram parks ago at Mad About Sucre.

It is one of the new dishes debuting on their Autumn/Winter savoury menu, joining a lineup which includes their Classic Slow-Cooked Oxtail with Burgundy Red Wine Sauce and their Baked Slab of Pork Ribs in Moroccan Fire-Pit Sauce.

I was the first customer who passed through the doors of Mad About Sucre some eighteen months ago, when they first launched with a five-cake selection and no savoury food. Like observing your friend's Sheltie grow from a young puppy to a regal, furcoat-wearing beast, I have watched Mad About Sucre grow from strength to strength since their opening, and the greatest surprise has been the introduction of their savoury offerings, which often possess a ferocity of provincial flavours so primally comforting yet startlingly sophisticated in flavour profile that any initial eyebrow arching in response to dish prices is eventually assuaged. I hope this Sheltie leads a blessed and long life - it deserves to.


Overhyped, overpriced?

But then again if you're crazy about desserts with a back story go for it.

Chocolat Noir ($12.8).

Dark Mexican Chocolate, Dark French Chocolate, Almond Cream, Coco Bean Tuile, Chocolate Meringue. A rich dessert to have after a light meal, perfect for chocolate lovers.
#MadAboutSucre #ChocolateNoir

Smoked Norwegian Salmon ($36++)

You know how salmon has a distinctive taste (which accounts for the salmon-haters saying there's a "fishiness" about it)? Well, it did not exist here.
Besides the fact that this sashimi-grade wild salmon was personally sourced in Norway by the owners of Mad About Sucre, the care they took in preparing it was apparent, as revealed in the very moist, vivid orange flesh. Quite unlike nearly every salmon I've had elsewhere to be honest.
What astonished me most was the layer of soft paste-like sauce that was spread across it. Made with saffron, Spanish garlic, paprika and light herbs, it was complex in aroma and flavour, yet it never overpowered the delicate fish.

Cirque De Gavarnie ($12.80++)

So this is what childhood summers spent in Central Pyrenees, south-western France taste like. Crafted from lychees, red currants and oats, the "Cirque de Gavarnie" is a dessert I would more than gladly have multiples of. I found it refreshing with a well-balanced fruitiness coupled with a playful punch of sourness from the red currant flavoured jelly-like ball. What's also interesting is its pristine graphic form is inspired by an outstanding natural feature of that region - a glacier. Honestly, I don't think I can do justice to the full inspiration behind it here. It is best that you pay Mad About Sucre a visit to treat yourself to this, and listen to the story unfold from the restaurant owners themselves.

Chocolate Noir ($12.80++)

A creation of contrasting textures featuring a crisp chocolate sable base and meringue with light-as-air almond cream and cocoa bean tuile. We are talking premium quality chocolate here because Mad About Sucre uses both Mexican Dark Chocolate (66%) and French Dark Chocolate (100%) to compose this exquisite dessert.

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