Chef Sam Chablani, Chef Song, and the founders of Five & Dime Eatery are proud to present Fat Lulu's, a modern asian barbeque kitchen and dessert bar. This new concept incorporates bold asian flavors, grilled meats & seafood, and a spirited dessert program.

297 River Valley Road
Singapore 238338

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Reviews at Fat Lulu's

Reviews of good food at Fat Lulu's
Spicy Iberico Sataytay ($12)

One of my favorite dish of the night. The meat has the right amount fat and is slowly cooked making it very tender. The sweet and soy-like sauce really makes you go back for more.

Fried Curried Cauliflower ($12)

The curried cauliflower was crisp and light, while the madras curry yoghurt really brought out the best flavors. A must order dish!

Cider ($18)

Cider never taste this refreshing, and it's rare to find ciders in this flavour (usually it's the boring Apple cider or pear ciders). Brunch with a good bottle of apple, black currants and cranberry cider, makes anyone a happy person.

Wagyu Chuck Rib

Cooked nicely pink. Nicely seasoned, accompanied with a really good baked potato!


Fried Chicken with Pancakes with homemade sweet chilli sauce, coriander and apple coleslaw from Fat Lulu's.

The tender fried chicken and fluffy pancakes delivered with FedEx levels of competence, but the headliner here is indisputably the chye poh-esque chilli, which presents a riotous carnival of flavours - from sweet and seedy spicy to saliva-teasingly tangy - that will run the real risk of you having insufficient chilli for the titular items due to you being so stalkerishly addicted to that wicked nectar. 3.9/5
This was a hosted meal, courtesy of Fat Lulu's.

If you like dishes to be more mellow, balanced, and complementary, this isn’t it.

Every component was bold, intense, and literally fights for your attention. Crisp fried chicken, well-seasoned and super tasty; chilli sauce that’s tangy, spicy, and sweet at once; and an apple coleslaw that’s crunchy, creamy, and aggressively sweetened. It’s an absolute fireworks of flavours and textures, or a war zone depending on how you see it, and it’s unabashedly my favourite dish from their brunch menu.
New post up on the blog after months of silence! Head over to read more on my experience at Fat Lulu's 😉

Fat Lulu’s Asian BBQ & Desserts – No Burnt, No Taste (In A Good Way)

The Burnt Corn is rubbed with salt and lemon, oregano, served with sour cream. 

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Dessert that's not on the usual menu, but the "board special" - "Pineapple and Coconut Ice Kacang".

Pineapple granita at the bottom layer that has a nice balance - sweet and slightly sour. Then there are the dehydrated coconut foam chunks that crumble as you eat it is placed all around. Nata de coco pieces here and there, to give it a nice chewy texture. Green worms - chendol so that as you sniffed too much of the fancy 'smoke', your 'own chendol' might drop in the bowl and still looked like it belong there, just joking!! A beautiful quenelle of delicious coconut ice cream! The desserts in this place all look so beautiful and taste good!

Spicy BBQ Pork Ribs that was part of dinner last night.

Chef blends Chipotle, Kechap Manis, Rice Wine Vinegar giving it an Asian-Mexican twist to it. Chef was in US and had experience and loved Mexican cuisine. He was consulting Chef for the opening of Naughty Nuri in Singapore and so this ribs has a story too. Whole rack for only $28. Eating this alone, one will never see my ribs. I have my own marbling just like Fat Lulu. 😊

This is very addictive.

It's called Spicy Iberico Pork Sataytay. $12 for 5 big skewers. They didn't burn this. It's slowly BBQ-ed. Let the ingredients and the Asian style marination tempt you to order more.

The food at @sgfatlulus is about 'burnt'.

Not burning for the sake of it. Their purpose of burning is to produce the nice caramelization kind of burnt. Chef is an alumnus of the @theculinaryinstituteofamerica and have experimented with what can and cannot be nicely caramelised for their improved menu. This Burnt Corn is good! I got to come back here with the Mrs who loves corn. Sweet corn burnt then rubbed with lemon and salt to remove some of the charred bits. The taste of lemon, salt on sweetish and still juicy corn kernels with the smell of charness is quite addictive.

Loooong brunch today at @sgfatlulus!

Loving all the dishes!! This messy comforting lamb meatballs is 😍😍😍 More on stories!

Barely talked about, yet one of my faves from Fat Lulu's winning brunch menu.

Firm, juicy, moist and perfectly shaped lamb meatballs, tossed in a savoury tomato sauce, with dollops of mashed fava beans that taste deceptively like guacamole, lashings of tangy yogurt, shredded basil leaves, crushed papadum, a hidden sous vide egg, and buttered toasted homemade bread. It's warm, it's comforting, it's so so hearty and utterly delish. Wiped the plate off entirely on my own!

Will trade my hopes for a flat belly with this slab 'o bacon any time, any day.

Just look at that thick, meaty piece of bacon, glazed with maple syrup, and sporting the sexiest crosshatch marks. Complete with a creamy scramble, well-toasted slices of bread spread with garlic sour cream, and sweet cherry tomatoes — hands down the best bacon & eggs brekkie I've ever had.


What can I say? Fat Lulu's really captured my childhood in this one! Concept behind this dessert revolves around the dropped peanut pop.😰 Of course in a child's head, a dropped ice cream is like... on the same level as the end of the world, thus the cassis granita 'blood' spurting out of it.🔪🍦 RIP peanut pop... 😭

Loved the cassis granita on this, totally reminded me of the Ribena pops I used to make as a kid! Put it all together with the peanut pop, choc cookie crumble and popping candy and you have an extremely fun and playful way to end your meal. 🙌

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