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$98 donburiiiii

I can't offer much accurate review considering the fact that I've never eaten beef prior (whoops) but I sure enjoyed this, though am not sure if I am willing to pay $98 for a bowl of food..... (thank you entertainer app)

Miyazaki Grade A4 Striploin (half cut, 150g, for $148++)

Amazingly gorgeous and juicy wagyu! After tasting this, you will not want to eat other beef...

[SG] The new year brings about all things new but thank goodness some things haven't changed.

The premium don ($98) at fat cow is one of those things that should always remain constant. Slices of chewy marbled Wagyu with slabs of buttery foie gras, that smear of uni before being topped with caviar and ikura. Weeeew. Thank goodness it's almost angpao season 😅

Get cozy with me around the pot of mushroom broth and Shabu Shabu with A4 Ribeye [$92] that just melt-in-your-mouth.

It's nearing the end year and we are trying to clear as many 1-for-1 deals in @entertainersg as possible. Hence, my annual affair at my favourite Japanese beef steak restaurant. I'm still contemplating whether to get next year's due to the increase in price and my budget.

Yearly affair at my favorite Japanese steak house Fat Cow, because the year is ending which also means the offers on my Entertainer app is ending too.

Extremely statisfying beef fix with this 45- day dry aged sirloin in Habayaki style $88, by grilling them with miso on a Japanese magnolia leaf. On the other hand, also had the glorious A4 ribeye $92 in shabu shabu style. Thanks to @entertainersg, the total bill did not break the bank. 🙊

[SG] Awww yeah this is what i came to Fat Cow for.

The beef.
While we originally wanted to regret the ribeye from the tochigi prefecture, the staff regrettably informed us that it was out of stock, along with the miyazaki wagyu and the kobe beef. Undeterred, we had the A4 Ohmi Ribeye ($138 for 150g) from the shiga prefecture.
I peeked over the counter where the chef was deftly handling the meat. It was so heavily marbled, that it looked more like fat marbled with lean than the reverse.
Each cut of beef comes naked, both in seasoning and in presentation, the better to appreciate its handsome form.

The pinnacle of beef, this astonishing rich steak is worth trying at least once, just to see what it can be. Tender as butter, a bite holds a universe worth of flavor with a taste that lingers in your mouth. It was luxuriant and soft, flavored with a separate side of burnt ginger dressing in addition to the garlic bits and lime, a delicate essay on the possibilities of raw meat. I request for some sea salt, which only heighten the intense flavours over the top.

But a bite or two later and I’m sated. Sharing a 150g ribeye say, with the table so everyone gets a taste might be the way to go. I personally can't conceive of eating this all by myself.
i used to believe that wagyu beef was never worth top dollar.. but i’m forced to eat my words. no complaints though.

[SG] the premium donburi ($98) at fat cow is what celebratory dreams are made of.

Wagyu beef, ikura, foie gras, Uni, caviar and the onsen egg atop fluffy Japanese rice before being drizzled in their homemade soy.
I really enjoyed the foie gras. Offering absolutely no resistance, it melted like butter in the mouth.
The Wagyu beef was not the best but still really good, well charred but with a still center
Even though each component floored me at how delicious it was, what struck out to me was that nothing really outshined the other. Rather, everything combined into a ethereal symphony of flavours that left me wishing for more.
But eh, 98 dollars sia.

#morefoodplease Weekend lunch treats; Beef, beef and more beef!

Tasty beef patty for him and Char grilled Wagyu beef Buri for me #beentheredonethat #Burpple #throwbackeats

Birthday feast at @fatcowsg cause I can.

This is their Donabemeshi ($78++) - claypot baked rice with charcoal grilled wagyu, finished off with their house made shoyu. Dang I can eat this all day.

No thanks for dinner but thanks for the company @modgam (Mag chow fat cow), and for the camera and the picture and the flash.

Glorious & Deserving

Looking for a good bowl of Wagyu Beef Don?
Look no further because if you're not on a budget and are looking for something pretty damn good & worth it, Fat Cow is your go to.

It is highly recommended to go during lunch time as there's a lunch set available (including weekends, excluding eve of public hols & public hold). The lunch set comes with a salad, and dessert. Damage? $42++. There are other options for the lunch set but, naaah. What could beat melt-in-the-mouth beef + a perfectly cooked Onsen egg + seasoned rice.

We ordered salmon sashimi which was one I never had before, I'm not even kidding when I say it's melt in the mouth. I highly recommend giving it a try.

Overall, 10/10 & always my go-to for a good bowl of wagyu beef.

So Damn Good

Fat Cow Donburi ($45++ set lunch) - slices of Wagyu with tender pink center & a great outer sear. Onsen egg on point, & even the rice is perfectly fluffy (if that's the word to describe NOT soggy/clumpy). I wonder if every dish here is perfect?

Set Lunch

Set lunches come with a salad (great dressing & fresh leafy greens), chawanmushi (orgasmic & great ingredients) & miso soup (alright).

Died & Went To Heaven

Fat Foa Gura Don ($48++ for a set)

Perfectly seared Wagyu beef cubes, tender & juicy. Glazed foie gras so creamy & melts in your mouth. Mmmmm... 😇

Black Angus Beef From Blackmore Ranch

Asked for the Chef's Daily Selection from the Full Blood & Black Angus from Australia & The Chef delivered a Steak from Blackmore Ranch. (💵S$85/220g) 🐮
Few Cattle produced in Japan have a Wagyu Bloodline as Pure as David Blackmore's Ranch, always producing Exceptional Beef such as the one on this plate. 🍽
It has a more Pronounced Beef flavour than other Wagyu. Despite the lack of Fats/Marbling, the Beef taste rivals that of a Well Marbled Wagyu. Tender, Juicy & always Medium 😋
ACAMASTIPS💮: And Please guys, wherever you get your Beef/Steak, order it Medium Rare or Medium it is after all your Patriotic Duty. 🖖🏻

The Fat Cow Donburi

Surprising Located at the ground floor of Camden Medical Centre, FatCow might be only Japanese Steakhouse that Specialise in Serving Wagyu 🐮
The Fat Cow Donburi (💵S$45) A Charcoal-Grilled Wagyu Beef with Onsen Egg & Shredded Leeks over Japanese Rice. 🍚 This is a Lunch Set that comes with Salad, Chawanmushi, Miso Soup & Dessert. As the Wagyu from Ala-Carte Menu can be Expensive, go for their set Lunch before diving into the Beauty that is Wagyu Beef. 😋
ACAMASTIPS💮: Huh?! What's Wagyu Grade A5?! 🤔
"A” of “A5” means the Yield Grade, while “5” shows the Quality Grade.
Japanese Beef grading system has 5 Quality Grades & they are 1️⃣ Marbling, 2️⃣ Meat Colour & Brightness, 3️⃣Firmness & Texture, 4️⃣ Colour, Luster & Quality of Fat & 5️⃣ Yield Grade.
Yield Grade, is the Standard set to Evaluate the proportion of meat obtained from a certain part of cattle.
Grade A : Above Standard
Grade B : Standard
Grade C : Below Standard

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