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Burpple Guides, Korean, Good For Groups Best Korean Restaurants in Singapore We love Korean cuisine for its wide variety - think spicy, fiery red stews to bibimbap to barbecued meat wrapped in lettuce leaves. If we've got you drooling, this will be your (almost) definitive list for the best Korean food on our shore!
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Korean The Korean Wave The latest craze of food in town ever since Koreans shook things up with their K culture from drama serials to K-Pop. Find out the places that does them proper here!

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Pig Bang ($26)

A huge slab of kimchi braised pork collar that is so irresistibly tender, served with a corn purée, watercress salad and radish. The Pig Bang will definitely send you straight to meat heaven due to its massive size, so it's best to share! This is part of Joo Bar's newly launched brunch menu that is available every Sunday 1130-1600.

NEW Sunday Brunch: Hakuna Moo-Tartare ($18++)

Of everything we were fed today by chefs @datbearchef and @paulchong28, the Hakuna Moo-Tartare has got to be my favourite.
Ladies and gentlemen, ordinary beef tartare this ain't. Not when presentation has a theatrical flair (better standby that Boomerang!). And definitely not with the interesting touches it comes with.
For instance, mixed in with the chopped raw Korean beef are sweet pear and a 24-hour house-cured egg, while three saucers containing raw garlic purée, brown sugar and sesame oil are served alongside. These are to allow customers to season each bite to their own liking. Well, I discovered I actually enjoy beef tartare more with sugar.
Do note this wittily-named creation is available only on Sundays for brunch at @JooBarSg (11.30am to 4pm).

Hakuna Moo-Tatare —$18

The magical Korean Beef Tatare with egg, pear and cucumber and we love the way we get to add garlic, brown sugar and sesame oil however we like! The texture is 👍🏼.
Waking up to Sunday brunch with this bunch. Thanks @joobarsg for the fun hospitality and @geekyelephant for extending the invite.

NEW Sunday Brunch Menu - Bull-gogi Ssam ($26++)

Guess what? There's no need to fly around to enjoy the cuisine from the ASEAN countries when you can go over to @JooBarSg on Sundays for their brand new brunch.
Inspired by their multi-national team, the dishes created by Head Chef @datbearchef and Sous Chef @paulchong28 reflect different countries of origin in the region but with a unique "cafe twist".
First up, and in tribute to their brand heritage, was this Bull-gogi Ssam ($26++), a Korean take on the classic Sunday roast.
The thick slices of Argentinian grass-fed beef were tender and I really liked how they tasted wrapped in lettuce with the housemade kimchi and chimichurri. Interestingly, the latter's made of roasted leeks and spring onions which is a departure from the norm but no less appetising.

Not a hardcore beef tatare fan but I don't mind having it from time to time.

So guess how pleasantly surprised I was when this precious bowl of Hakuna Ma-Tatare came out to be my favourite dish today.

So much love for the addition of brown sugar, sesame oil and garlic, which elevates the seemingly boring meat cuts, making it sweet and fragrant.

See IG story for more of the tasting!
Thanks @geekyelephant for the invite, @alvinhighonfood for hosting and @joobarsg for having us!