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9 Best Burgers in KL
Burpple Guides, Burgers, Western 9 Best Burgers in KL Few things are more comforting than a really, really good burger to sink your teeth into. You know what we're talking about, thick patties with juicy centres topped with melted cheese, crispy bacon, delicious mushrooms, caramelised onions, and all sorts of sinful indulgences sandwiched between two fluffy buns. This is THE guide to the best burger spots in KL!
Pork A Plenty
Bars, Good For Groups, Burgers, Western Pork A Plenty How could I live without pork?!

Top 10 Places for Western

Top 10 places for Western
Explore Burgers, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Steak in Western

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Western
Shredded duck pasta at Jibby & Co.

😍 The spaghetti tasted really ducky (in a good way) and the sun-dried tomatoes were 👌

Looks like BAKE cheese tart but they have more flavours like matcha, chocolate, salted egg.

It wasnt as sweet as BAKE, but it wasnt as nice as BAKE, for the crust could be better. But for any cheesecake lover out there, $19.80rm for 6pcs, it will satisfy your craving
👍🏻 3.5/5
✔️ yes, i would buy again
📍City Square (take bus 950 from woodlands MRT)

Crab Burger

I had high hopes for the new Sea Monster at Segama as I'm a fan of western style seafood. However the crab burger had a rather salty, soggy soft shell crab, over fried frozen fries and a coke. For RM30 and change, a burger better wow me. I'm hesitant to try the RM39 garoupa fish and chips.

Sam's Crab And Crayfish Laksa

House made laksa broth with laksa pesto, chilli paste, crayfish, tiger prawns, fish cakes, bean sprouts and quail eggs.

The laksa was a unique taste and is a combination of a sambal based laksa, as well as a coconut broth, quite a unique take on the Sarawak Laksa. The broth was extremely rich, with a strong smoky and fiery aroma. The mixed of vermicelli and udon made it quite an interesting play on texture. The ample fish cake gave it quite the bite, and the quail eggs added some luxury with its flavourful yolk. The crayfish were filled with rows of roe, making this dish quite luxurious. Also, please add in all the crispy chilli oil, it really enhances the dish.

💵 RM39.00 / bowl
💫 4 / 5
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For Comfort Food In The Morning

This hole-in-the-wall bakery and restaurant does comfort food that's best for breakfast, brunch or a bite in between. Recognisable by a red kettle hanging above the door, the wooden-walled Red Kettle has rustic charms fit for a cosy date. The Bread Basket (RM16) is simple sustenance, served with an impressive trio of fruit spread, salted butter and our favourite, homemade Marmite butter. For something more wholesome to "warm up your soul", as Burppler Jessica Lau puts it, get the Porkie Bowl (RM18). The newly introduced dish features crispy roast pork belly, onsen egg and rice in a luscious sauce. It's also never too early for fried chicken — their sizable take on the tasty, Southern-inspired Fried Chicken and Corn (RM22) is worth trying. On drinks, options run from comforting hot Milo (RM4.50) to Vietnamese Drip Coffee (from RM9) to jostle your senses in the morn.
Avg price per person: RM30
Photo by Burppler Jessica Lau

For Sarawakian Eats With A Good Cause

Charlie's Cafe runs as a social enterprise, sourcing farm produce in support of Orang Asli farmers and hiring disadvantaged East Malaysians to run the store. Those who don't know this will still come in earnest for their authentic Sarawakian delights. Swing by for a feel-good meal and bring company — friends, family and all. You mustn't miss the Chicken Chop (RM17.90) with Sarawak Black Pepper Sauce. Brined and battered, the golden brown chicken is redolent of herbs and delicious when doused in its peppery gravy. Dessert is a piquant Musang King Durian Cheesecake (RM16.90) with chunks of fresh durian flesh. The canteen-like decor is nothing to shout about, but there is a warmth that comes from knowing the good this place does for the community. Look out for the Pay It Forward wall filled with receipts for paid food, dedicated to those who cannot afford a meal — you too can contribute with just RM5!
Avg price per person: RM25
Photo by Burppler Trisha Toh