Birds of Paradise delights in creating gelato of the finest quality, inspired by the botanical flavours of nature.

63 East Coast Road
#01-05 The Red House Katong
Singapore 428776

04:30pm - 10:00pm

04:30pm - 10:00pm

04:30pm - 10:00pm

04:30pm - 10:00pm

12:00pm - 10:00pm

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I cONeLY want ice-cream today #tuesdayblues
I got the lychee raspberry flavour ($4.70)  in a thyme cone (+$1).

Not overly sweet and very refreshing, smooth, creamy. The thyme cone is quite special and brings a refreshing touch to the ice-cream. This is how ice cream should be made!

Good But Pricey Gelato

$4.70 Mango Sorbet
Rich, creamy and smooth. Taste wise it needs a little more acid. Its a little too expensive for my liking. Could be a dollar cheaper and itll be the perfect price

For My Gelato Fix

Spending our Christmas weekend with sweet treats from our favorite gelato boutique (3rd on Burpple's Hot 100 Cafes & Restaurants 2016!!) — Raspberry Lychee, White Chrysanthemum with Raw Cacao Bits, Spiced Pear and Strawberry Basil with lychee being the clear favorite of the night 😋

Birds Of Paradise

Located some distance away (walkable distance) from Parkway Parade, Birds of Paradise offers ice cream that combines your oh-so usual flavours like strawberry with floral elements! There's White Chrysanthemum, and others flavours mixed with figs.

I had the Pandan flavour and it was not as outstanding as the other floral flavours. Do check them out!

Price: Single scoop costs $4.70
Personal grade (Pandan): B-
Personal Grade (White chrysanthemum): A+

5 Star Flavours In A Scoop

Tried this place after hearing raves about this place, the flavours were all so intriguing and sampled a few before settling on a simple mango sorbet ($4.70). The other flavours? I felt was really interesting to taste but I don't think I could do a whole scoop of some of them! The mango on the other hand, was perfectly not too sweet and refreshing. Definitely worth a taste if you're in the area!

Vanilla Fig Swirl

Not sure if this is new but certainly hadn't tried this flavour so I have got myself a scoop to try. Perhaps one of the most aromatic Vanilla flavours I have ever had — the richness of the vanilla itself was simply alluring that it sealed the deal. The fibrous figs were actually pretty "civilized" here in the way that they never ever tried stealing the show away from the vanilla; it tries to add it a subtle hint of prune-like flavours here and there at areas with nibs of fig around.

Mango Gelato $4.70

Stumble upon this beautiful 3 months old shop. Wow!! Tasted the best mango gelato ever! Wish they could set up a bigger space to dine-in and chill. Next in the list will be the Lychee & Strawberry flavor. See you soon....

Affordable And Cute!! ☺️☺️

We got 4 different flavours to try: Mango Sorbet, Strawberry & Basil, Raspberry Ripple and Pandan and they were all so good! The more interesting Strawberry & Basil and Pandan I think may need some getting used to but the tried and true more 'classic' flavours are 👌!! Wish they would have indoor seating, but the shop itself is super aesthetic and instagram-able! The price of $4.70 per scoop was not a bad price for good gelato too in my opinion.

Get your chillz on, and may your week be as smooth as these lovely scoops.🍦

I love their bold, yet understated flavours—Strawberry Basil and White Chrysanthemum (with cacao nibs!!) on a fragrant homemade thyme cone. And that clean Scandi-chic space 👌 #goodvibes


Seriously had a hard time choosing the flavours at BOP Gelato cause they all taste so good!!!!! Forced myself to take the Pistachio (+$1) this time round (otherwise I would have gone straight for White Chrysanthemum) and I sure didn't regret it. Those nuts sure weren't crushed in vain as they added a well-bodied roasty flavor to the ice cream. Mint lovers should definitely go for this Mint Cocoa that is light and refreshing. Also, highly recommend the freshly made Thyme cone (+$1). This double scoop costs $9.90 ($7.90+$1+$1).

Single Or Double?

Raving reviews for the gelato here so am glad I finally dropped by today. Offering exotic botany flavours such as Strawberry Basil & White Chrysanthemum, they are sold at $4.70 per scoop and $7.70 for double. Love the latter which has floral taste of chrysanthemum but not over empowering plus bits of cocoa nibs. Freshly made cones actually thyme flavour and can be added for just $1.

“Refreshing”, the word you will hear going around from the queue of patrons in this lovely picturesque ice cream parlour.

Travelling all the way down from the west, I, of course, wanted to try the unique botany-themed flavours while my friend wanted good ole chocolate so we compromised and got a double scoop ($7.70) with Birds Of Paradise’s signature crisp thyme-infused waffle cone for an extra dollar.

Having the White Chrysanthemum sprinkled with bits of cacao nibs stacked on the indulgent scoop of Dark Chocolate Sorbet, the former was admittedly lighter yet distinct in floral flavour amidst the creamy texture of the gelato. Just like drinking the tea, the taste could be overpowering for non-lovers but I enjoyed it and the cacao nibs added a nice crunch. The chocolate sorbet was equally smooth and not overly sweet with a pleasant hint of bitterness.

Loving the pastel hues, cheery decor and inviting thyme aroma, I can certainly see why the gelato boutique draws a steady stream of people. I will definitely be visiting BOP again to try the other flavours!

Nice Gelato With Unique Flavours

The strawberry basil was very refreshing. The combination seemed odd at first but they go well together. Also very impressed with the lychee raspberry. One disappointing thing was that there were no seatings :(

Nothing Can Compare

Fel: It's very addictive!
Me: Are you sure? I prefer creamy ice cream.
Fel: Tell me after you try it.

And I went back 2 days in a row 😱 BOP (Birds of Paradise) occupies a small space, across the street from Roxy Square - in fact, too cozy for the never-ending queue of patrons, all eagerly waiting to get their hands on their botanical themed gelatos. I highly recommend the White Chrysanthemum, Raspberry Lychee and Strawberry Basil flavours. Mint lovers should definitely try their Mint Cocoa flavor. Do add on the Thyme cone for $1. Even though I couldn't quite taste the thyme, I like that it is freshly made! A double scoop comes at a reasonable price of $7.70.

Pandan Gelato

It's rare that I end up at Katong at this hour on a weekday, and therefore a stopover at Birds of Paradise is a must. Went for this rather subtle flavour here that is close to the heart — coming in a pale, pastel green hue you could probably tell how painstaking the process of making this gelato is as compared to simply using an essence for flavour. The result is a fairly unadulterated, fresh but very light and refreshing Pandan flavour amidst the smooth and creamy texture of the gelato; not really noticeable at the start but it grows on after a few scoops and you would really feel the flavours come to life by the end of the entire scoop. Definitely worked as a lighter tasting post-dessert dessert without the guilt after having the Banana Pie from Dona Manis at Katong Shopping Centre!

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