BAKE was founded in Hokkaido, and appreciated throughout generations in Tokyo. Our crispy baked tart dough is perfect with our soft cheese mousse.

2 Orchard Turn
#B4-33 ION Orchard
Singapore 238801

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Bake Cheese Tart

Oh my! Now i understand why people q for this! The cheese taste is balance with a touch of sweetness and the crust was crispy even it was overnight in the fridge! For something to taste good after overnight in fridge, i must say 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻! Worth it!

Cheese Tart

Went to meet a friend at Orchard for lunch and realized the queue was pretty short being just outside the shop itself — got rewarded after a 5 minutes wait when I happily left with a box of 4. The crust is pretty biscuit-like and sweet by itself, while the cheese when had immediately was warm, smooth without being too jelat — light and creamy. Pretty worth getting to try especially if there isn't too much of a queue out there.

BAKE Hokkaido Cheese Tarts

Cheese tarts from 北海道!!!😍😍😍 The 20min queue + price was worthwhile!! Take a bite and the cheesy and soft texture will let you feel as if you're in heaven~😱Get it for $3.50 each and $19.50 for a box of 6! Craving for moreeeeeeee!!!❤❤❤

Cheese Tart

got lucky that day as there isn't a line. brought a box of 6 to try. tried all recommended ways to eat it; warm, room temperature and cold. my fav definitely the warm version. buttery crust with warm gooey cheese, a party in the mouth. priced at $3.50 for one and $19.50 for a box of 6. after trying cheese tarts from local bakery on their failed attempt to replicate BAKE cheese tart, i would pay a slightly higher price for these babies to make those calories count worthy.

Cheese Tart!

Very creamy very nice! Bought from my dear on 19 Aug!

Bake Cheese Tart

Bake Cheese Tart ($3.50)
Available at @BakeCheeseTartSG in @ION_Orchard
Finally tried when a customer brought a few boxes over. Quite rich and creamy filling. But why the crust was so charred and dry?
Bake Cheese Tart
Address 🏠 : 2 Orchard Turn, # B4-33 ION Orchard, Singapore 🇸🇬 238 801
Open 💈 : 10am - 10pm
MRT 🚇 : Orchard (NS22)

Food Hunting | Bake Cheese Tart Vs Egg Tarts

Try my luck to get these tarts while hunting Pokemon at ION Orchard earlier this morning. Surprisingly there is no queue for Bake Cheese Tart as I managed to get some (box of 6 tarts at $19.50, 1 for $3.50) in less than 5 mins
Next stop is Tai Cheong Bakery at Takashimaya (20 minutes queue), bought 2 boxes of freshly baked egg tart (4 in a box for $7.60 each), char siew bo lo bao ($2.20 each) and sponge cake ($1.50)
Verdict: although both are good but we still prefer the traditional egg tarts with egg custard and buttery crust. If no or short queue can get and try but don't bother to join in the long queue. #cuisineparadiseeatout #eggtarts #bakecheesetart #ionorchard #tarts #burpple

What's your favourite way to eat BAKE's cheese tarts?

There are 4 ways to eat them:
1. At room temperature immediately after purchase
2. Cold after refrigeration
3. Frozen after freezing
4. Warm after heating (as shown in this photo)
Since the tarts were a gift, I couldn't try them immediately after purchase. I did try them in all the 3 other ways though. I like them cold while my husband loves them warm.
I felt that the slightly saltish cheese filling tasted best when cold with its deliciously smooth and melt in your mouth texture. Frozen, taste remained roughly the same but the cheese took on a sherbet's texture. Warmed, the cheese filling turned mousse-like and didn't taste as well as when it was cold. But this was when the crust tasted it's best, oven-fresh, crunchy and flavorful.
Overall, I get the hype and now that I've tried it, when I do want a cheese tart, I'm definitely going to think of BAKE first. But while I'm willing to pay SGD 3.50 for one tart, I'm not so sure if I'm willing to brave long queues for it.
Btw, I'm told that when you see only 4-5 pax at their store front, it may not mean that there isn't a queue. Their queue is outside Osim.

Cheesy Treats

Standing outside BAKE with an elaborate contraption of a paper box packed into a cheery yellow paper bag in hand, a weird feeling overcame me. Why am I holding half a dozen cheese tarts when I don’t really like cream cheese?! Well… It must be the power of the queue.

With my hopes bestowed onto these hyped treats, I was glad that I kept an open mind as these twice-baked pastries were pretty good. It was not overly rich as the creamy yet soufflé-like cheese filling cocooned in a buttery tart base, was slightly salty and sweet. One tart, four ways - you can also have them at room temperature, warmed, chilled or placed in the freezer for different experiences. I preferred it to be chilled as the texture of cheesy mousse reminded me of classic fluffy Japanese cheese cakes. However, was it worth the queue? A little on the pricey side as each goes for $3.50, I felt that they are worth a try if you are in the area but not over an hour’s wait, and I would have liked a thinner crust to complement.

Baked Cheese Tart

Yum in my tum this morning. This tasted better when you don't have to Q for it 😝

Tried the warm & frozen version of Baked Cheese Tart. My verdict: I prefer it WARM! ♨️ (that's why chao tar, heh)

Double Baked Cheese Tart

Now that we have Tai Cheong Egg Tarts @ Takashimaya, the queue over here at BAKE Cheese Tart seems so much shorter as compared on a Monday afternoon. I queued for about 15 mins and gotten a box of 6 tarts 😘

Mild oozing cream cheese filling is just too heavenly gooood together with the crumbly crust. It reminded me of those Pablo mini cheese tarts I ate in Japan 》Box of 6 @ $19.50

Tried the other methods of eating and I'm loving the hot method. Reheating it with my oven and the semi molten cheese is bouncy, crust is crispy like biscuit.

The iced version is good too. After freezing it in my freezer, the cheese core turns into a ice cream texture - Icy, cheesy and creamy!

​4 ways to enjoy the cheese tarts:-

Eat as fresh as possible at room temperature

Enjoy smoother texture by putting it in a refrigerator

Enjoy like an 'Ice Cream' by putting it in a freezer

Enjoy 'Freshly-Baked Cheese Tart' by reheating it with a oven/toaster​

monday make better cause breakfast with this - a twice baked pastry with 3 different cheese to give you a golden ratio of balanced taste and texture.

you can even eat it in 3 ways - fresh off the rack when you first bought it, chilled in the fridge or even freezer like ice-cream! p.s: will only buy when the queue is no more than 15 mins though. cannot imagine people queuing for hours.

cheese tart ($19.50 for 6) @ ion

a twice baked pastry with 3 different cheese to give you a golden ratio of balanced taste and texture. you can even eat it in 3 ways - fresh off the rack when you first bought it, chilled in the fridge or even freezer like ice-cream! will only buy when the queue is no more than 15 mins though. cannot imagine people queuing for an hour or hours??? p.s: reminds me of yore days eating fiesta cheese cake? alrighty, am old like that.

the pursuit of happiness, so we queued.

in parlance of a recent game that took the world by storm, "Gotta catch 'em all!"

Nice Melty Cheese Tart

Queued around 45min today. Love the warm version with melty cheesy tart. Heard the frozen tart tastes like ice cream.

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